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What I learned?| 2020 Life Lessons By Iva Founder

I would like to consider two months (Jan & Feb) only in 2020. The rest of the months are a Roller coaster. We human beings are just running furiously without recognizing the destination. A long vacation is a dream come true to many of us. No traveling, I stopped wishing for Doraemon’s anywhere door anymore. But after spending quarantine I start craving for anywhere but not home locked.

It was super tough for everyone A battle with our thoughts and situation which is out of control. But these pandemic hold a mirror to each one of us to reflect the inner us which we buried in the name of “Busy Life”. Here goes my life lessons which I could never forget and will always apply to my coming days.

Time Flies


Time blessed with supergiant wings. How? It flies faster than your procrastination. To fly with time use it wisely. I am always a believer of a make the most of your time. You can buy anything but not time. If not used appropriately regret is the only choice you left with.

Never Take Any Person Granted


Research has shown we more likely to take a person for granted when we show that person how important he/she is in our life. So, does it mean you shouldn’t be expressive about how you feel? Well, Give space and take space this makes you & that person realize there is something also out there to pay attention towards. Make it a part of your life, not a whole life. The problem is we don’t appreciate someone’s presence.


Money Can’t Buy Happiness


I think the pandemic has explained itself quite well. Happiness can’t be measured in terms of money. It is eternal. We can trick our brain by buying luxe items but can’t buy that peaceful sleep. Your body releases that dopamine (feel good) hormone which can’t be bought by any monetary terms but happiness. How can one be happy? be grateful for what you have show gratitude.

Practice Positive Self Talk


What you sow it reaps. Say good things to yourself. Your subconscious mind is powerful than any you’re conscious. The minute you think negatively about yourself press that brake button and accelerate with positive thoughts. Remind yourself how you struggled to be the person you are now. Be gentle with yourself treat yourself better first.

Never Look Down


Are you that insecure person? Who questions themselves that am I worthy of doing this. Will I able to achieve that goal? Self-doubt is the first rejection you throw at yourself than others. If we look down on ourselves How can you expect others to take a look at us? First, say yes to yourself then let others decide their opinion.

Keep Learning


One should never stop learning new things. Ooh But I have a tight schedule. This excuse stopping you to explore new things. Anything you start takes time. Take that one step “start”. Give a few minutes that will turn it into an hour a day later a week. The urge of learning will get expanding more & more. Just Start.

Be In Good Terms


uddhared atmanatmanamnatmanam avasadayetatmaiva hy atmano bandhuratmaiva ripur atmanah

bhagavad gita

Meaning: – A man must elevate himself by his own mind, not degrade himself. The mind is the friend of the conditioned soul, and his enemy as well.

In simple language we can understand it as if we cultivate the habit of forgiving others, we will lead a peaceful life because you will be on good terms anyway. Evil can’t be confronted by evil or we can say hatred can’t be transformed into love with hatred only.  Don’t assume anyone as your enemy, if anyone ever occurs to you as an enemy then try to love them and pray for them so they can understand the phenomenon.

You Are Living Someone’s Dream


You want to keep everyone happy? If yes then you will end up living a life of regret. This is your first life why to live someone else’s dream? Take your own decision do whatever you want to do live fully. Chasing happiness in someone’s dream is like searching for a shadow in the dark. Take your life staring and drove your dreams.

Create An Atmosphere


Do you know every individual carries a certain aura? if not then start with your living space keep things that add electromagnetic energy to the atmosphere. An energy that is invisible but one can feel it. What is your aura place? It could be anything your study room, balcony, or that corner area of the room.

Self Care | Stay Healthy


Self-care is treated as a fancy word. But it is a necessity for every human being. Staying mentally & physically fit is a new treasure one can dig into.

Self-care means giving ourselves the same grace, compassion, & care that we give to others. Eat healthily, develop a regular sleep routine, do some stretching, take breaks often so on & so forth.

Put Your Family First


Prioritize your loved one’s over a ruthless work. Have you ever felt that guilt of not spending time with your family? When you put your family first you will enjoy your work more and eliminate the unwanted stuff very quick.

It gives you an emotional comfort to deal with all the outer battles. Choose your family over any other choices because they have been with you at your worst as well as the best times of life.

A Human Touch


This pandemic has taught no matter how digital smart you become you can’t experience that real feel in the virtual world. Embrace technology while keeping reality in mind is what we humans need to learn. Human touch helps to releases the stress hormone “cortisol”. Which a virtual world can’t do.

Save More


I am sure we all have been mocked by this statement evry now & then by our parents or elderly. If one need to be financial smart then one must read Robert Kiyosaki book ” Rich Dad Poor Dad”. Saving money eliminates your debt.

Spending money before paying yourself is a dumb move. Invest your money wisely. Record your expenses. Plan your monthly budget. Bring a discipline in your finance it will take you a long way.

Writing Things Down


Research has shown that keeping a journal to write your thoughts, feelings or plans helps to fight anxiety, reduces stress & cope with depression.

I prefer to write a to-do list and important moments in my diary. Because it helps me track my performance thoroughly. When you pen down your goals in a written format you are more likely to achieve them with more ease.



Spiritual means relating to people’s thoughts & beliefs rather than to their bodies and physical surroundings. Practicing a meditation is one of the way to connect with your inner soul. It also helps you relax your mind. You could sense that calmness after every meditation you conduct.

Praying daily, breathing techniques, yoga are a few pathways to spirituality. I started my spiritual journey at early march It helped me grow in a positive way.

Be A Lotus


Lotus is considered as a national flower of India. A flower is the biggest life lesson for humankind. If you study deeply How its origins? What phase it has been to? It answers plenty of your limbos. If one wants to fly high in colors then be a lotus trust in the light, grow through the dirt, believe in the new beginnings.

Just looking at this beautiful flower charges me up with the positivity & strength to tackle all the hurdles on my way.

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