Do You Know Your Blood Type Personality?

In the western world, most people don’t give much thought to their blood types unless they donate blood or they have a medical emergency. Every person knows their or other’s personality by seeing them or interacting with them but have you ever wondered about a blood type personality? Yes, it exists it’s something that one’s blood type can affect one’s personality. It’s very relevant to know about a person just considering their blood type. It will give you a quick glance at their persona. Well, this term is very common in Asian countries like Korean & Japanese culture asks the next question after your name is What is your blood type? isn’t it interesting? They strongly believe in this theory.

Blood type personality can be a useful tool for employers to assess their potential employees, in marketing companies, and in companies dealing with dating services. This helps to determine one’s compatibility. 

Some Facts About Blood Types

There are 4 types of blood groups – A, B, AB & O. Research has shown O+ is the most common blood group. AB negative is the rarest blood group. Golden blood type refers to Rh (null) is the rarest blood type in the world.

AB Blood Type Personality

AB is a peculiar blood type to determine hence it’s a combination of two traits A & B. It’s extremely difficult to understand them. They often possess mixed personalities. For instance, they can be outgoing just like Bs and shy like As. A stranger might not crack the personality code of AB. People who are closer to ABs can get their true personality. That’s why it is considered to be the rarest blood group. It comes with a lot of complications. ABs are not good at handling stress. What is your face shape?

Taking advantage of their personality they can gel up with people easily. They are considered to be a good friend. Full of energy and fun to hang out with. Having ABs beside is great to unpack your emotions they are empathetic in nature dealing carefully with others. ABs are open to new ideas and explore fully good analytical and logical minded. Some of their good traits are caring, charming, sociable, rational, & diplomatic. Their negative traits are complicated, irresponsible, unforgiving, critical & two-faced.

O Blood Type Personality

Most people love being O. Their personality is something everyone wants to born with its Os leadership capabilities. They are outgoing, go-getters & daredevil. Common life doesn’t amaze them they want to live a full life experimenting that raises their standards extremely high. They pretend to be carefree, don’t bother about little things which creates a rift between blood group types who are overly sensitive.

They are flexible in nature which helps them to be more kind-hearted & generous. Their smart way of handling tough situations is one of their bossy nature. Individuals with O are very enduring and strong, and that is why the Japanese call them Warriors. They are honest people and hate people who tell a lie or hide the truth. 

Some of the positive traits are optimistic, confident, passionate, independent, stubborn & outgoing. On the contrary, they are rude, insensitive, unpunctual, cold, arrogant & workaholic. How to style men’s casuals?

B Blood Type Personality


B Blood type personalities are not everyone’s cup of tea. They shed light more on their negative side than the positive side. They face zoned out because of their selfishness & uncooperativeness at times. They do listen to others but do not like to confront others’ opinions. Bs are good at decision making which makes them avoid taking orders. Once they keep eye on something they exceed their performance to make it happen at any cost. Are you beautiful inside?

But they find it difficult to multi-task because they want to give their best at one. Bs are believed to be super creative this blood type are famous for its creative juice. They are always curious to learn. They isolate themselves from others which leads to loneliness in their life. They hold a middle position between As & Os blood type traits. They are both thoughtful & ambitious. Their best bonding can be with AB’s blood type.

Some of the most common positive traits are creative, cheerful, strong, adventurous & active & other phases of the coin are irresponsible, selfish, unpredictable, wild, uncooperative & erratic.

A Blood Type Personality

As are a promising friend to have in life. Loyal & trustworthy to their squad. If a person posses these qualities of cleverness, passionate, sensitive, and cooperative then they might be A blood type. Social status is something they care about a lot. They do not like to separate the set rules on etiquette or put down societal standards or rules. On occasions where they choose to break the rules, it’s considered a self-fulfilling prophecy. They give importance to nuances of the thing as they are overly sensitive.  Buy Best Eye Frame For You

Before implementing any decision they analyze a lot. They spare a good amount of time to settle on any decision. They focus on one task at a time delivering the best. They plan everything beforehand to avoid any unexpected situations in the future keeping themselves consistent & dedicated. Sometimes this perfectionist trait suffers from OCD. As like to work with multiple communities reaching everyone. They stay away from fights because they like peace & harmony surroundung.

The best traits of people with type A are gentle, loyal, organized, consistent, loyal, and perfectionists. Their bad traits are, obsessive, pessimistic, overly sensitive, fastidious, stubborn, and easily stressed. They like to stay mysterious they open up to a few people. They are picky in nature to show their emotions, and they keep their thoughts or feeling about things hidden from others, and they share only when comfortable.

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