Which Indian Celebrity Face Shape You Have? | Know Your Face Shape

Have you ever wondered what face shape do you have? Want to know which Indian celebs has your face shape? If yes then this article will help you determine the right face shape of yours which is explained step by step with pictures. It’s very important to know the root of something to start with. It’s like customizing a certain product to fit you exclusively and not accepting something blindly which will ruin your natural shape. Every shape has its beauty. To enhance the beauty you should know what to add or not. It’s very important to know to embrace your beauty. You can follow the celebs style which fits your face shape category.

After knowing your face shape (your canvas) you can enhance it according to its shape to highlight the right features of your face like the right eyewear, earrings, makeup, nose rings many more. Every face shape is beautiful but if you flaunt it correctly.

How to determine your face shape?

1. Oval Face Shape


People are with an oval-shaped face-shaped are blessed with versatile looks. Men are with oval face shape considered to be an ideal shapes. They have a much longer face than the wider which plays a prominent role than the all face shapes. The wider part of their face is the cheekbones. 

The oval shape has a softer chin with a perfect curve on the sides of the face. This shape of the face can find more nowadays. Your celebrity twin is Karthik Aryan & Alia Bhatt

2. Round Face Shape


Round face the name speaks itself. The shape of your face tends to look in a circular way having symmetry proportions of the facial features. It is considered to be a square with curved all the sides.

Round-faced people have wider cheeks and round chin areas giving the fuller look to the face. Your Indian Celeb Face is Varun Dhawan & Sonakshi Sinha. Which color suits you best? 

3. Heart Face Shape


If you have a pointed chin with a wider forehead then you fall in this category. This creates an illusion of a heart shape.

Research has shown that this shape people have a more attractive look than any other shape. Your Indian Celeb Face is Ayushman Khurana & Deepika Padukone. 10 questions series

4. Square Face Shape


Square shaped face is a perfect balance of the facial features upside down. It gives a sharp jawline keeping it boxy from the edge. 

Creating a strong jaw-line & cheekbones. It has a straight look in the cheekbones slightly curving towards the jawline. Giving the sharp features to the chin. This shape is rare as a diamond. If you have then you are unique. Your Indian Celeb Face is Amir Khar & Kareena Kapoor.10 Proverbs I learned from my mother

5. Diamond Face Shape


Diamond face shape is considered rarest to all the other shapes. It might sound confusing to the heart shape. There is a slight difference between these two.

In heart shape the forehead is broader like a diamond the forehead would be narrow like a chin keeping the cheeks wider in between. Your Indian Celeb Face is Sushant Singh Rajput & Malaika Arora. Fashion startup interview

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