Upcoming House of Gucci Movie All you Need to Know About

Gucci is founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921, Florence, Italy. It is a Family business a legacy running from generation to generation. Its highly quality product left prints in the fashion industry. House of Gucci is a part of the French luxury group -Kering. Designing the most opulent Leather Goods, Jewelry, and Watches from decades, which are in high demand at the global level.

Gucci family drama has given many spices to the media house. Conspiracy & fight have always been a part of the parcel to snatch the ownership of Gucci. House of Gucci Movie is starring many talents to witness this fashion legacy inside & out through the bigger screen.

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    House of Gucci Movie Cast

    Lady GagaPatrizia Reggiani
    Madalina GheneaSophia Loren
    Youssef KerkourNemir Kirdar
    Camille CottinPaola Franchi
    Reeve CarneyTom Ford
    Vincent RiottaFernando Reggiani
    Edouard PhilipponnatWalter
    Eva MooreChalet Guest
    Bianca NappiClerk
    Mia Mcgovern ZainiAlessandra Gucci
    Andrea Piedimonte BodiniIvano Savioni
    Adam DriverMaurizio Gucci
    Jeremy IronsRodolfo Gucci
    Jared LetoPaolo Gucci
    Salma HayekPina Auriemma
    Al PacinoAldo Gucci
    Jack HustonDomenica De Sole
    Mehdi NebbouSaid

    Patrizia & Maurizio Gucci Relationship


    House of Gucci Movie is revealing the dark secrets of the family. How the ownership can let your hand be stained with blood. Maurizio Gucci is the son of Rodolfo Gucci who became the successor of Gucci after many conflicts between the family to hold the power as the owner of the Gucci.

    Maurizio was in his early 20s when he met Patrizia Reggiani in a country elite party her charm make him fall for her. Patrizia’s mom was a waitress & her father was a wealthy entrepreneur. She was a socialite from a small town in a forensic born on Dec 2, 1948. The duo gets married in 1972 Oct. But she was not on good terms with the Gucci Family. Maurizio Father Rodolfo wasn’t happy with his son’s marriage because he knew Patrizia is a gold-digger who is after his son for the last name & wealth.


    Maurizio & Patrizia bless with two daughter Allegra & Alessandra. When Maurizio got full control of Gucci his behavior & poor leadership made Gucci suffer from many losses. Patrizia was terribly upset with Maurizio for being ignorant of family. One day Maurizio got tired of daily fights and left Patrizia & the children saying he is going for a business trip & never returned. Later they separated in 1985. 20 Fashion Jobs as Career

    The rumors aired saying Maurizio Gucci settled with a younger woman named Franchi Paolo. This definitely affects Gucci Repo. He was trying to stabilize in the entrepreneurial world after mudding down the brand repo due to his personal matters. Tom Ford was appointed as a creative director of Gucci. In 1992 the news came that Patrizia was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She was battling alone the hatred became deeper day by day.

    Maurizio Gucci Murder – A Legacy Worth Killing For


    Patrizia wanted to take revenge she plots a murder with her best friend Pina. They both find a Hitman to shot Maurizio Gucci to pay for his deeds. On Mar 27, 1995, the arranged hitman follows Maurizia to his office building in Milan & shot three times in the back, once in the head. How to pull off any outfit?

    After several investigations, the truth came out and the assassination suspects got a life sentence for the crime. Patrizia accepted her crime & prisoned for 18 years. She says – I don’t think of myself as innocent, I think of myself as not guilty.

    House of Gucci is defiantly going to be a controversial movie. Looking forward to viewing the conspiracy murder of the head of the Gucci brand. Release date: 24 November 2021 

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