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Glowing tones with bright sunny days coming soon let’s vibe it with some digital prints. Bring it on the inner shore girl in your outfits. Shine brighter than sun fashionistas. In the era of the digital world if you haven’t tried the digitally printed fabric then are you making justice to this digitated generation? Not makes sense right let me take you through the digital prints tour get a cart ready to drop some mind-blowing prints from the “Fabcurate”

What is digital fabric printing?


Digital Printing the name says it all. Digital printing uses inkjet printing technology which is used for paper printing applications. An inkjet printer is used to get the desired prints on the fabric. So during the printing process, the fabric goes through the printer using rollers. As it goes through the printer, the ink laying goes on in layers with many passes of the printer. It is printed right on the fabric real swift making fewer operators used. Digital printing requires no extra labor, supplies, or infrastructure and thus it is remarkably cost-effective for printing a small amount of material. The technology came into light in the 1990s. Know different types of Printing techniques

Which fabrics are best for digital printing?

Digital printing inks are the most versatile, ensure a high-quality print and provide the best outcome. Any fabric made from long cotton fibers is generally considered to be the best quality fabric than a shorter fiber. Because the longer fibers can be spun into a finer yarn. Which lasts the durability. Fabrics like Silk, Polyester, Viscose & other organic materials like cotton & linen are the best choices for digital printing. The colors of the prints don’t fade away or crack making them last longer.

Where to buy the best digital printed fabrics?


Curate your own fabric with Fabcurate this summer. The collection of fabric they have put you in a dilemma to pick more than you needed. Colorful bright charismatic prints are the go-to for this summer. I tried my hand on tropical satin digital printed fabric styled it with a satin solid jacket to give it a more chic look. Play your prints & solid with Fabcurate. Fashion do’s & don’ts


Satin fabric is not a natural fiber like silk. It has both a glossy side and a dull side. It is made using combinations of other fabrics like nylon, rayon, polyester, and even silk. Using digital printing on this fabric gives more luxe look overall. The flowy drapes with no wrinkle in the fabric hit the top list in the choice of the digital print of the fabric. If you are a person who loves drapes yet prints then explore satin digital fabrics to fit your essentials.

Just one click away to feel this beautiful fabric on your doorstep. Get a cup of coffee handy enjoy your shopping & curate your own fabric. Buy the best digital printed fabrics on Fabcurate by using my code [ IVA10 ] get a 10% additional discount.

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