Top 5 Amazing Short K-dramas To Watch For Free

If you are not a big fan of long stretched episodes dramas then we heard you right. Looking for something quick amazing series to finish off your drama crave? There are plenty of short dramas are available but these are worth your time.

Once you really enter the Korean drama land I guess people will really understand my struggle when I have to choose just five dramas out of so many good ones that I have enjoyed, nevertheless, I will try to mention my top five Korean short dramas. Here’s my list…….

1. Three colour fantasy


First up we have this amazing short kdrama three colour fantasy is a series and not a drama not. I know I said that this is going to be about short K-dramas but this series involves 3 individual stories not connected with one another so you can watch them separately as well. Each episode is 30mins with 6 episodes given to each story. It consists of three stories namely…

  • Queen of rings
  • Romance full of life
  • Universe’s star

Among these three stories I am personally biased towards the story ‘queen of rings’ which is about a girl who doesn’t feel that she is beautiful and one day she finds a ring that holds her family secret with the help of that ring she impresses a handsome guy.

Romance full of life is a story about an ordinary guy who takes part in a scientific experiment and gains supernatural powers.

Universe’s star story is a sweet love story between a singer and a girl who becomes grim reaper after death at the age of 19.

Rom-Com, Fantasy


2. Splash Splash Love


I absolutely love this drama, can you believe that a drama can have just 2 episodes with just 60mins each, I really can’t cause our Indian dramas have a record for being the longest. 

This drama is a sweet love story between a girl who time travels into the past while being on the way for her exam and the King of that period. If you watch this drama you will gain knowledge about the historical time, how hangul was created, what were their traditional dresses, manners. I really like to see the history and culture while watching the series so anyone out there like me will definitely enjoy this drama.

Historical, Romance


3. Miracle

Two sisters Si Ah and Si Yeon are completely different. Si Ah is beautiful and popular; Si Yeon is a bit fat, unattractive and insecure. One day a mysterious fortune teller gives Si Yeon a chance to switch places with her sister which will change the life of both the girls. This drama has 12 episodes with 15min each. Best Kdramas to Watch Online

Romance, Sci-fi

Kissasian, Viki

4. Wednesday 3.30pm


Eun Woo is a girl who recently broke up with her boyfriend. Now she wants to make him jealous so she convinces her childhood friend to act like her new man, but while trying to win back her ex-boyfriend, she might just realize that her true love was right beside her.

If you love romance dramas and you have less time then this is what you need. This short kdrama only has 10 episodes with 30mins each. Top 4 Kdrams available in Hindi



5. Bing goo

Go Man Soo is an ordinary man living in the 1970s, who is searching for love and dealing with his family issues but when he accidentally freezes in ice and wakes up 37years later when everything around him has changed.

This short kdrama is filled with twists & turns the male lead has to face after being away from reality. 7 Kdrama to Watch after exams

Sci-fi, Romance

Viu, Kissasian

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