The influence of World war 2 in fashion | Know what changed after WW2

Russia Ukraine war news has spread like wildfire in the world. War brings destruction breaking the peace chain among the other neighbouring countries. This impacts all the sector’s nuance. Therefore war changes fashion drastically. People’s perspective of dressing is highly influenced by historical events. World war 2 has inspired designers to bring a new era in fashion. What fashion changes have we seen after world war 2? What trends are influenced by WW2? Let us have a quick look.

Women in siren suit

After world war 2 many women took jobs for household survival. Utility Jumpsuits with pockets came in limelight making them easy to wear, comfortable when the sirens blew. Wide pants were also largely adopted by women for working in the factories as well as in the gardens. 

Women in wide pants

These became a goto uniform after world war 2 for women’s labours. Thus later it became a statement piece for street style looks. The influence of WW2 can be seen in the baggy pants trend widely accepted by the millennials now.

 Long skirt paired with Peasant blouse

The classic style introduces after world war 2. Keeping the outfits sober and less blingy gives edgy cuts to the women’s clothing. The skirt became longer. Peasant blouses were popular among women. Frida Kahlo influenced them to curate a feminine look after world war 2. Women started Pairing up with nylon made stockings influenced by the military. The scarcity of silk made a Rayon was the most used fabric for women’s apparel during world war 2. 

Courtesy – theguardian – Christian Dior 1947 Fashion look

Tropical prints featuring florals and hibiscus flowers are an evergreen favourite for women. In 1942 Christian Dior resigned from the military and joined the fashion house of Lucian He was working as a designer along with Balmain to preserve the fashion industry by curating looks for french collaborators & nazi officers.  He gave women an hourglass look by emphasising women’s narrow waists. The inspiration for a feminine look can be seen in his new collection in Feb 1947.

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