Best Color Combo For Women


Color combination plays a huge role while curating a sartorial look. A wrong colour choice can ruin your whole look. Experimenting with colours opens many doors to trying new stuff. It’s very crucial to know how to put things together, but you must also know when not to be afraid of trying something new and … Read moreBest Color Combo For Women

20 Types of Fashion Styles You didn’t know exist


Knowing fashion styles helps you discover more about the trend & personal style. It is a mixture of all the aspects like cuts, colours, design, pattern, accessories, styling, prints it differs from style to style. Find 20 different styles of fashion here and pick your style with the help of iva guide. Flamboyant Flamboyant Fashion … Read more20 Types of Fashion Styles You didn’t know exist

Inverted Triangle Body Shape Guide with Indian Celebrities


Many women think of the inverted triangle body type as manly. However, some Indian celebrities have proven that this body shape can be super gorgeous when styled correctly. The inverted triangle body is always referred to as a manly body. The fashion rule says if the outfit shoulder is right then it’s perfectly constructed. Choosing … Read moreInverted Triangle Body Shape Guide with Indian Celebrities

From Miss Perfect to Self Love


Pragyta Sharan Model Back in the days when I was modeling people around me were so obsessed with their bodies and skin. This influenced me too and I dragged myself to the same path and tried all I could do to keep myself in shape and presentable every time. I knew I was suffering a … Read moreFrom Miss Perfect to Self Love

Mind Blowing Textile Printing Techniques | Types of Printing


Different techniques of textile printing on fabric Every print has it’s own journey to take place on a plain surface of the fabric. Ever wonder how does a plain fabric turns in to playful prints that attract eyeballs. There are two kinds of person who loves prints or solids (plain). Which one are you? I … Read moreMind Blowing Textile Printing Techniques | Types of Printing

Feedspot featured iva in India’s top 100 fashion blog

Shivani Gowda featuredin India's Top100 fashion blogger.

I am very overwhelmed and grateful to have such amazing readers. You always trusted my content and given your valuable time to read my blogs. Your appreciation and kind words always push me to give my best. Its time to celebrate, you say why? Your girl got featured in the Feedspot website as one of … Read moreFeedspot featured iva in India’s top 100 fashion blog

Is he treating you right?

You thought that’s the best day of your life when you met him then what happened? things just don’t seem to work you might not able to rewind and fix it but you definitely fix your esteem after reading this. Dear Ladies, if you have to ask a man, “where is he going? the answer … Read moreIs he treating you right?