SNDT Students Collaborated With National Award Winner Tangaliya Artist

Tangaliya weaving is also known as “DAANA” weaving is practised in Surendranagar district of Gujarat.This intricate process of twisting extra weft while weaving creates beautiful geometrical patterns and forms.

Tangaliya weave is created by colourful dots , which is simultaneously created on both the sides of the fabric. This 700 year old weaving craft is native to the dangashiya community of surendra nagar

National Award Winner Artist -Baldev Rathod

Baldev Rathod is a weaver from the village of Dedadara in the state of Gujarat, India. He won the National Award by saving his traditional handloom technique, which was at issueless with just one family continuing it.

Baldev Rathod along with his father Mohan Rathod has preserved the unique style of handloom and created beautiful clothing that are widely in demand today.


Baldev Rathod was awarded the National Handloom Award in 2016 for being one of the most innovative weavers working to preserve India’s cultural heritage.

SNDT Students Experience Working with Tangaliya Artist

Being a Fashion Design student myslef assignments are part & parcel of our daily routine, our faculty asked to come up with a Topic inspired by the Arts and Crafts of India. It was a group project. We have been asked to do research work, meet with the artisans in person, talk about its origin and to experience the live process of Weaving and their instruments.


Knowing the history, it’s weaving process and it’s uniqueness we couldn’t stop ourselves from using this art for our Craft Documentation project. We browsed Tangaliya Artisan on Internet who can give life to our thought process and idea.  Due to God’s grace we could find a genuine Tangaliya Weaving Artisan and his name is Mr. Baldev Rathod he is a National Award Winner Karigar.

Tangaliya Exhibition in Mumbai


Baldevji informed us about the Exhibition which is going to be held in Mumbai. We all visited there could see and feel the weave in real which was amazing. We spoke to the Artisan about the fabric type they use, colour palette, the motifs, the yarns they use and we discussed our ideas that were contemplating in mind related to the weave if it’s possible or not and so on.

Later, we contacted him and asked him to join us on a Video call, We showed him our sketches, discussed our ideas, talked about the fabric colour that we wanted to use dana (dot) colours and everything. The only thing that could not happen was only geometric motifs were only allowed and no circles because it wasn’t possible to craft on the loom.

So he approved our ideas and we agreed on all his conditions and soon within a week or two, he started working on our motifs and fabrics and then after completing all our fabrics and intricate motifs.

He co-operated with us so well that even the motifs we chose were Innovative ones new for him as well it was different from traditional motifs. But he didn’t say no and tried his best to do the same. Also, we told him to record a short video for all of us and give us pictures and also he used to call us personally before starting our products.

We loved working with such a humble soul that we never once felt we were connected with him online till the end results.

He couriered our fabric to our given address. If u have an artisan like Baldevji you can get any design just sitting at home. 

We are really very grateful to our tangaliya artisan Baldev Rathod Ji for being a huge part of our project. scroll down to see a modernized version of motifs by SNDT students.

Shivani Gowda
Tulsi Ajudiya
Sneha Waghmare
Tanvi Kadam
Riddhi Vaishya
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