Popular Global Youth Fashion Influencers to Follow on Instagram

Popular Global Youth Fashion Influencers to Follow on Instagram

Modern fashion is nothing like it used to be in the 90s and earlier. Today, fashion influencers are all about mixing it up and creating an ensemble that represents their true personality. Every individual who as earned the title of a style or fashion icon has managed to bring something unique to the table. Fashion icons of 2021 know how to stand out in a crowd; everything from their hairstyle to the footwear is unusual in the best way possible.

Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Diana Ross, and Elizabeth Taylor are all-time fashionistas who inspire stylists to this day. Young celebrities who have proved that they know how to make a statement with their looks include:

1. Harry Styles


If you have ever looked up the top fashion icons in the world, you probably should’ve wondered that where are the boys at? If you look back on fashion history, you may notice that the industry has always been largely associated with women apparel. A few decades ago, men’s fashion was hardly a real thing and it seemed like only the female gender was born with the fashionable gene. Now times have changed; menswear is as creative and colorful as women’s. Ranges of cosmetics, hair styling products, and fashion accessories are made exclusively for men.

Therefore, I chose a man for the top spot on my list of fashion icons for 2021. Harry Styles, the former member of the once illustrious pop boy band ‘One Direction, has stolen the hearts of boys and girls alike with his one-of-a-kind fashion sense. He is perhaps the only living legend who dared to flaunt frills and pearls, and looked fabulous while doing so. Who says that only girls can rock long wavy tresses and painted nails? Harry Styles has surely lived up to his name by dazzling us with popular global stylish appearances on every occasion. He is the ultimate heartthrob in every sense.  

2. Zendaya


Who knew that the skinny quirky kid who made their debut on a Disney Channel show was going to blow our minds with their exceptional fashion sense a handful of years later? Zendaya has proved herself as a wonderful actress, talented model, inspiring spokesperson, and fashion influencer. She has made headlines on every red carpet event, never failing to grab the global media’s attention. Almost every hairstyle and dress she has worn at public events to date are distinctive and ravishing. A  very popular global youth influencer among fashionistas.

Zendaya’s fashion choices are best described as bold, epic, over-the-top, shocking, but never boring. Some of her best looks from 2020-21 include the custom-made Valentino gown at the Oscars 2021, the stunning Christopher John Rogers dress at the virtual Emmy’s Red carpet, and everything from head to toe at the 2020 Critic’s Choice Awards.

3. Gigi Hadid


Gigi Hadid, super model, reality TV star, and wife of our beloved One Direction team member, Zayn Malik, is quite the goddess. Her ethereal beauty, gorgeous smile, and perfect fashion tendencies are matchless. Gigi as made waves in the fashion industry, on and off the runway. She is one of the most stylish, yet down to earth ladies out there. Whether she’s covered in the most elaborate designer attire on stage, or is caught in casualwear on a regular day, she always looks like a queen. Know most stylish Indian celebs

4. BTS


BTS is the ultimate Korean boy band that has won over fans in every part of the world. They are not simply adored for their catchy music; their extra style – a blend of high fashion and street wear is what makes them so popular. The funky hair colors and styling are definitely a plus.

5. Hailey Bieber


Another fashion gem, the stunning Hailey, was discovered after she tied the knot with the famous Justin Bieber. This girl is always dressed to kill, despite preserving utmost class and elegance. I cannot recall a single time when Mrs. Bieber was criticized for the way she dressed for an occasion. 2021 Fashion dos & dont’s

6. Dua Lipa


Dua Lipa can put anyone in a trance with her husky voice, pretty face, and flawless abs. Apart from that, this girl is the front runner among celebrities who dominate the casualwear section. She can make any pair of shorts, plain tee, or sundress look like a million bucks. I solemnly declare that her accessorizing skills are spot on

7. Brad Mondo


Brad Mondo, our favorite hair dresser and YouTube star, is budding with potential to become the biggest fashion influencer of this era. Each and every of his hairstyles and outfits are a combination of bizarre, endearing, and rare.

8. Billie Eilish


Someone who can become a trendsetter with green roots, black ends, baggy hoodies, oversized pants, and common sneakers deserves respect. Billie Eilish’s style is an acquired taste, and a rather comfortable one. Apparently, you don’t need figure-hugging or glitzy clothes to make a statement; just be as weird as you can. How to dress according to skin tone?

9. John Legend


Multi-colored clothing and floral prints can look good on men too. Youth influencing by his fashion sense tremendously in a global level. If you need proof, just go ahead and look at Jon Legend’s portfolio; suiting up never looked so informal and fun! 

10. Blackpink


Blackpink is a Korean girls’ band that has the entire world smitten. These girls have amazing vocals, and they are always dressed to impress. The contrasting hair and makeup give new meaning to the phrase ‘variety is the spice of life’. 

– John Adams

John Adams is a lifestyle blogger who creates content focused on food and fashion. He believes that wholesome cuisines and stylish dressing are the secrets to a happy life. He cannot stress enough that looking good translates to feeling good. John is rather adventurous for his love for food, always eager to try exotic dishes in strange places and then recreate them (with a twist) at home.

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