Only 4 tricks to achieve any goal, Why people don’t succeed?

Know the purpose of your goal

We all give up at some point in our life while chasing our goals. Why the spark keeps decreasing day by day. Lack of confidence, self-doubt, questioning the decision you had made, people’s opinion, financial crises. The weightage of all these things pulls you back from your goal. The goal can be short term or long term. How to get back to the stage where you thought of achieving your goal? Or be in the race without quitting. well, crack the code of this problem in this article start scrolling down. Ambition, Which is born like a fire in everyone’s blood. My love, it is not easy to achieve the fruit of hard work… You have to burn like the sun to shine like the sun. Be a self-motivator. Nobody will walk with you on your journey, yes, it is you, only you. Even your shadow can’t be with you in your darkest time. You gotta have a unique personality. Surround yourself with a smart friend zone. Who encourages you to be a better version of yourself. Accept your flaws and turn it into your strength. Because if your success story is not filled with bitterness and hurdles it won’t end up as a good ending.. You are the hero/heroine of your story. Who’s a dream is to become a SO & SO. Each second count’s, each minute, each hour, & each day. You get closer to your aim.


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A goal without a plan is just a dream

How to stay determined?

Some people try to drag you down but don’t lose your hope, be determined and the result will be in your favor. After all, you get what you deserve. Patience is a key to success as well as hard work. Put yourself in a difficult test. Trust yourself, encourage yourself. Learn new things to explore your strengths and weaknesses. That will give you closure to your work. One of the best ways to choose the right road to your goal is to interact with new people, get to learn new things apply it in your field of work. which helps you to update your mind and personality. Keep your attitude up, but not to down others to uplift your sense of mind. It’s not easy to achieve any goal overnight. Lots of effort gonna take to do it, achieve it. Go through motivational quotes and a biography of successful personalities. Never give up on your goal. 


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Find your passion it is hidden in your daily activity. What is that one thing you love to do in your busy schedule? is it playing games? or trying new creative stuffs? The answer is your passion. These things don’t force you but you willingly do it.


when you find out your passion the next thing is to set targets. Make a plan break it down into short, mid & long term. Keep track of your output.

A vocation is an art of individuality or became expert in a particular work appreciate by others.

Once you discover the all the above elements turn that into profession that which you can be paid for. Always chase the passion to get money. If you crack the the work you like eventually it will become the source of cash flow.

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Cannot able to achieve their goal
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Achieve their goal

Why 92% of people fail to achieve their goal?

There are three types of people- 
  1. Who set their goal but unable to reach the final point because of the level of difficulties. So, they give up.
  2. No plan no failure. Who never set their goal due to the fear of failure.
  3. Who don’t announce their next move but keep working on their goal consistently.

They say you are 100% likely to achieve any goal when you don’t announce it but manage to do all the things to reach your destination. The silent move is better than noise. 
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