Learn 10 skills to level up in lockdown

I hope you guys are safe & healthy. We all stuck in seclusion. There are a limited amount of things one can do in this situation. But this is a time to update your personality by learning some skills. These skills will help you keep that grinding continue but adding value to your personality. So, what are those? Lemme break it down for you guys. A winner will always turn a problem into an opportunity. Yes, we are in together but not separated from our learning potential. The most valuable resource we have is “time”. Now that we all have an ample amount of it, it would be a mistake not to utilize it wisely. This period of lockdown is absolutely imperative to stay positive. It is a crash course of level up in your life that fills your mind with creativity and body with a healthy routine.

“What is in your hand determines what in your head”

Robert Kiyosaki

Self-healing and taking time to pursue things that one has always said… someday. Evolve yourself so much that when we come out to the other side, we will have a new value system and a different way with a new thought process. Use this me-time come out of your comfort zone try new things to adapt to new modern ways like learning to draw/sketch. The only way of being productive is by acquiring new things and brushing up your skills. This opportunity may never come back, so for the sake of mankind, use your time at home wisely. Stay safe & stay healthy.

There are Ten things you can do to value in ur self-improvement. Yes, This is how you can forget the quarantine boredom.

1. Drawing, To level up creativity

Drawing helps to reduce the stress and divert your mind to think creative imagination which ultimately reduces hidden stress or negativity. It releases positive energy that flows through your hand to a beautiful creation. Express your thoughts or moods with the help of dawing just start let your brush decides what it wants to convey. Drawing also improves memory power. Discover the inner artist in you and lead the way with confidence. It’s never too late to give it a try even you never painted or drawn something before.

2. Listen to podcast

one of the trending topics nowadays is a podcast. If you want to utilize your time fully podcast is a lifesaver. A podcast is a time-efficient form of communication between your brain and information. When your body is moving give some work to the brain as well, for eg, jogging, drawing, cooking, cleaning, etc. This multi-tasking will help you level up your knowledge.

3. Be ambidextrous

Image by gudsol

Which hand you use the most? In the majority of right-handed individuals, language dominance is on the left side of the brain. “Mixed-handed” individuals have a preference for a particular hand for certain tasks, whereas “ambidextrous” people, thought to be exceptionally rare, can perform tasks equally well with both hands. Would you also like to stand out then be ambidextrous. This will help up your inner confidence in a flock of other smarties.

4. Practice yoga

It’s a buzz word in the lockdown many of you must have tried some yoga asanas (Poses). How brushing teeth is essential likewise yoga should be added in the morning routine. It detoxifies the body and gives you a nice shape. Here, I want to introduce a very stunning yoga expert. If you are a beginner then you should definitely follow her on IG to get daily updates.

5. Learn a new language

Learning a language is fun It also broadens your perspective in life and lifestyle of other cultures countries. I am an army. I am very interested in Korean culture, pop, kdrama that’s why I am learning Korean. find your interest first and foremost because the curiosity helps to the consistency of learning lest you will give up soon.

6. Level up by reading books

Reading books not only looks good in resumes but also looks bewildering in your hand. If you are not a reader than start with anecdotes ( short stories) gradually shift to your favorite genres or still you are struggling to read a book no worries there is plenty of YouTubers are there for you. Start watching summary videos for an amazing anecdote of your desired book.

7. Watch mind boggling movies

image by larry ferlazzos

Do you watch a movie to time pass? Well, after watching these some astounding movies. You will juggle up your thoughts to think before you watch any movie. Buckle up for some mind adventure.

  • Inception
  • Memento
  • Paradox
  • Donnie Darko
  • The Sixth Sense

8. 6 Minute Meditation to level up in spirituality

image by chiropractic balance

Meditation is a natural way to keep your mind healthy it helps to generate more ideas and reduces anxiety. If you are completely new start with 6 min meditation. Play mild soothing music. Sit comfortably, chin up slightly, and start breathing fully. Focus in between your eyes. When your mind begins to think, gently bring your attention back to only your breath.

9. Learn Digital Marketing

Want to level up in social media? Impress your audience with your digital skills. Everyone must have their Instagram, Twitter, Facebook account, and who doesn’t like to see pretty images, feed, bio so on. If your answer is yes then there is no harm in adding this course to your list. It’s a vast topic to explain but watching that above-given youtube video, you will have many options to choose.

10. Cultivate New Attitude Gratitude

Use sorry, thank you and please as much as you can this is a simple way to cultivate gratitude. Write a letter from yourself to give 1 year from today to yourself. This is a reminder to admire what you have with you now and grateful for not everybody is blessed with things you possess. Don’t hesitate to speak yourself because no one will judge you it’s you.

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