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Ryan Kwon is a Korean beauty Youtuber who shares content on skincare using English language. He started his YT channel 2 years ago. Ryan goal is to share the value of Korean beauty with people who don’t live in Korea. He uploads vlogs as a Korean living in Korea.

Iva blog had some fun chit chat with this amazing vlogger. Talking from Bollywood to kdramas & lots of skincare with a twist of fashion. If you are into K beauty or life in Korea, you won’t regret subscribing to his channel – Ryan Kwon

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    What do you know about India as Country?

     I’m not sure if I can represent South Korean people, but still, as a Korean, India is a nation behind a veil. There’s not so much information about India and a lot of people don’t exactly know what the country is like. But what I know is that India is very big. Travelling to India means you can do a lot of things. For example, I would need to choose between sightseeing in the Himalayas and enjoying religious festivals. 

     I met a few Indians in Korea when I worked at Lohbs, a common drugstore. Every time I had a chance to talk with them, they were very kind and they made me wonder what travelling to India is like. I will definitely have a trip to India!


    Name a place in India that you would like to visit?

    Korean In India

    Taj Mahal, definitely. The Taj Mahal is one of the world heritage. The White marble dom is very beautiful and marvellous. And every time I looked at the photo, the symmetrical beauty of the building catches my eyes.

    The story behind the monument is also really appealing. I would love to visit the Taj mahal and I think it is a place where anyone would want to visit at least once in their lifetime.

    What are the best skin care and beauty brands according to you in South Korea?

    Honestly, I don’t wear makeup so I can’t recommend makeup brands. But there are so many skincare brands I love. I believe skincare should be easy and consistent. And there are so many skincare brands that are genuinely formulated and affordable.

    Cosrx, Roundlab are my go-to skincare brands because they are cheap first off and easy to use. For makeup brands, my sisters like makeup products of Etudehouse and Missha! Must watch Kdramas

    Keeping the Indian skin and weather in mind, What would you recommend for Indian skin care routine?

    Dry air makes your skin dry and dehydrated. And dry skin tends to be fragile to wrinkles and ageing. Unless you want your skin to get old, hydration is what you have to keep on your skin. And that means humidity can be better for your skin than dryness. But humid hot weather can lead your skin to overproduce sebum and micro size dust and dirt can easily stick on sebum and sweat, which can cause big pores and pimples.

    So I suggest you take care of your skin with no oily skincare products, but most importantly, you have to cleanse your skin perfectly to remove sebum and dirt on ur face.

    My recommendation is to use the etude house soonjung ph6.5 whip cleanser. It’s very mild but still powerful enough to remove all the dirt and sebum on your skin.

    Pick a picture among these photos of Indian Bollywood actresses whose airport look you liked most?

    The chicest and trendy. She knows how to present herself and I would appear at the airport like her if I were a woman and if i had such a perfect fit like her. I like outfits that are not too florid but details shouldn’t be missing. Her airport look is decent and eye-catching. She deserves all the spotlight!

    Pick a style from this Indian men’s ethnic  fashion that you would like to try?


    The first one, definitely. The outfit looks gorgeous and decent. The whole white ivory colour fabric looks so delicate and the design is very classy. I feel like being in the outfit would make me feel like I’m an aristocrat haha. Plus, he seems so comfy in the outfit at the same time! I can seriously wear the outfit every day.

    What’s your go to outfit for everyday?

    I like making outfits that are decent but still have one highlight that livens up the mood of the outfit if that makes sense.

    A decent outfit is one of the ways to make you look calm and not outdated. If you want more than looking not outdated, putting a proper point on your decent outfit can make you look trendy.

    And for now, I like wearing a beige colour polo shirt with denim jeans and grey colour shoes together. In summer, I like having my outfits bright and putting the highlighted point on the top of my body. Polo shirts and jeans may be considered boring but you can give those a focus by wearing eye-catching colours. How to pull off any outfit?How To Pull Off Any Outfit? | 2021 Fashion Dos & Donts

    Name an actor and an actress from India who’s your favorite?


    It is not so frequent that Indian movies are released in Korea. But I do know some Indian actors. And I have to mention that 3 idiots was one of my favourite comedy movies. Aamir Khan is my favourite actor. He knows how to influence as an actor and that’s as impressive as his acting. As for actresses, I found Priyanka Chopra very attractive who’s the wife of Nick Jonas. Trending Korean fashion to follow If you Love Kpop

    Which post would you like to give a read in our blog?

    k drama reviews I would always be interested in what non-Koreans think about k dramas.

    Would you date an Indian girl?

    Definitely. I don’t care about race but I have doubts whether my English is good enough to hit on someone with. haha

    Have you tried any Indian food?

    Yes. Naan and curry.

    Which band is your favorite in K-pop?


    Must try street food in South Korea that you want an Indian visitors to try?

    Tteokbokki (Spicy Rice cakes).

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