top 4 kdrama available in hindi dub

Top 4 K drama available in Hindi dub

There is no doubt that K drama is gaining lots of attention from Indian viewers. Those who never liked to multitask like watching with subtitles here is your solution. To make it easy for lazy bugs few Hindi K dramas are available on the streaming platforms. There is plenty of K drama available in Hindi dubbed on different apps like Zee5, Netflix, Youtube, etc. But in this post, I have picked the best one to get started with your K journey if you are a newbie.

1. Descendants of the sun


Action, Romance & Comedy

Zee 5

This drama is a complete package of entertainment with lots of emotion. A heart touching love story of a special force soldier hardships with a responsible Doctor. (Male Lead) Soong Joong Ki and (Female Lead) Song Hye Kyo have marked all the points to set this K drama as Korea’s most favorite drama list. The second lead love story is also unbeatable the duo has won many hearts. All the OST of this drama is fabulous. This drama has made justice to characters, storyline tremendously. A must watch K drama. The Hindi dub title is “Tum hi ho”. India & Korea shares culture, flag & Independence day.


Secret Garden

Fantasy, Comedy & Romance


If you are a person who loves adventure.  story. Then this drama will worth your time. The best part of this drama is the perfect climax. The (Male Lead) Hyun Bin is an arrogant, rich, self-centered guy who turns into a regular guy for a (Female Lead) Ha Ji Won a humble pretty stuntwoman. Discover how they both fell in love with two completely opposite personalities. Strange sequences of events bring them closer. The Hindi dubbed title is “Pyar ka jadu”.


You who came from the Stars

Sci-Fi, Melodrama, Comedy & Romance

Zee 5

This drama is extremely hilarious If you are having a bad day then go for this drama you will laugh a tear-out. The (Male Lead) Kim soo Hyun playing a character human-alien who landed on earth 400 years ago during the Joseon Dynasty of Korea. He has some superpower abilities like vision, hearing, and teleporting. He unknowingly fell in love with the famous actress Female Lead)  Jeon Ji Hyeon who is her neighbor & student. Later he discovers that he has three months left on earth. Will their story ends or continue? To find out watch this fantastic drama. The Hindi dub title is “Hamesha”.


Boys over flowers

kdrama available in hindi dub

School, Youth, Romance & Drama


“Boys Over Flowers” is one of the biggest Korean drama hits of all time. This is a story of four rich, arrogant, handsome boys F4 group. Two Bestfriends fell in love with a newly transferred girl in the Shinwa High School by an incident. Nobody has guts to challenge the F4 group but the (Female Lead) Goo Hye Sun turned the table with her daredevil attitude which makes the Duo (Male Leads) Lee min ho & Kim Hyun Joong starts to attract toward her. This creates a rift in the friendship. From Bollywood to K drama

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