Itaewon class & Because this is my first life review

These two Korean dramas are a must for today’s youth. Who keep juggling up their career, Love & goals at an early age. This series will pump your desire of achieving your goal more sorted way. The cast made justice to the characters brilliantly. The story is steering towards a youngster’s dilemma of acquiring everything at a short pace. 

Itaewon Class


Itaewon is a place named in South Korea. This amazing story was first introduced by writer Gwang Jun as a webtoon of the same name. The main lead was chosen Park Seo Joon & Kim Dami name a few. 

It is the story of (Park Sae Ro Yi) who was brutally jailed by the renowned  J Company (Korea’s largest food co) alleged him in attempting of killing the Jangga company’s son (Geun won). An unbelievable fate takes place, Geun-Won accidentally crashed his car and killed Saeroyi’s father. To take revenge for his father’s death. He dedicates his blood and sweat to build an empire like Jannga Group to punish them by using the power rightfully. 


The journey of his startup from scratch to making his company the top company in Korea is impeccable. The teamwork and dedication and the roller coaster of his emotions have shown his strong and determined attitude towards his goal. Gaho’s – start over ost is an add on to your motivation playlist.

Youth, Food, Life

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Because This Is My First Life

The eye-catching title of this series speaks itself the storyline. Starring Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min. It is the story of adult life professionals who are in their 30s & have different opinions and goals in life. Circumstances made it happened to meet each other them as Owner & tenant. Top 4 K – dramas available in hindi

(Yoon Ji Ho) The female lead is playing the role of a screenwriter. Who is under constant pressure trying to appease her family and friends while continuing to pursue her dream of becoming a successful writer. How I became K Fan

(Nam Se Hee) The male lead is a computer designer. Who posses a very weird character, cold-hearted person. He only cares about his mortgage house and his adopted kitty.  An incident in his life at 20s had made him so indifferent.


We often hear that we can’t carry the baggage responsibility with a happy life. But the table turns when we find the right person. This series has depicted that point very amazingly. Fashion startup interview

Rom, Com, Life

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