Inverted Triangle Body Shape Guide with Indian Celebrities

Many women think of the inverted triangle body type as manly. However, some Indian celebrities have proven that this body shape can be super gorgeous when styled correctly. The inverted triangle body is always referred to as a manly body.

The fashion rule says if the outfit shoulder is right then it’s perfectly constructed. Choosing the correct outfit is a bit of a task for an inverted triangle body shape. Having this body type needs extra care while styling. But guess what you are in right place to amp up your fashion sense.


When we think about fashion and body type, we tend to think of clothes that we would want our torso and arms to fit into. There is also a larger picture, however, and one thing that should be considered is how our entire body works as clothing pieces fit us. If you’re someone who happens to have an inverted triangle body type, you can learn more about your form and work with it instead of against it so as not to look sloppy!

There are plenty of fashion guides out there that go into detail about how different types like inverted triangles should be worn. Here at the iva blog, I am sharing some tips and tricks with your twin Indian celebs who have an inverted triangle body shape!

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Bipasha Basu Has Inverted Triangle Body type


The Indian celeb who share your body type is Bipasha Basu. If you can’t seem to find the right tops for your Inverted triangle body type then add these necklines to your cart Asymmetric Neckline – Balances the shoulder proportion driving attention from the broader shoulder, V Neckline – Plays great style for your body type, any outfits whether its the dress, jumpsuit, or tops, & Deep Neckline works best for your body type adapting to the rest of the torso. How to pull off any outfit?

Esha Gupta Has Inverted Triangle Body type

Zivame [CPS] IN

Finding bottoms for inverted triangle body types is a tricky part. You tend to balance the upper half & bottom equally. Avoiding just skinny jeans won’t work. Buy Best eye Frame for your Face Shape

One has to manipulate the body shape by wearing something loose & flowy in the bottom like Wide leg jeans, Palazzo pants & bootcut jeans, Mom jeans also work for your body type.

Sonam Kapoor Has Inverted Triangle Body type


Are you amazed to know that your celebrity twin is Sonam Kapoor who shares the same body type? well, it’s the fact she got an amazing team of fashion stylists to rock her body type in every outfit she eyes on. Fashion Stylist of Bollywood biggies You can be that fashion diva If you keep yourself posted with the Iva blog.

Inverted triangle body I have a piece of good news for you. Dresses are something that is your forte to stand out. Asymmetric dresses are really in trend. So, Pick your dress accurately keeping these fashion guides in mind.

Vaani Kapoor Has Inverted Triangle Body type


Bollywood Actress Vaani Kapoor shares your body type. Keeping updated with her social media can help you resolve your fashion doubts. Here are some of the do’s you should keep in mind while styling your inverted triangle body type.

Level up your fashion game with these tricks. Have a good haircut that compliments your face is significant. Short or Mid hair length goes well with this body type well. Style your hair in a way to keep it in the front to cut that broader shoulder. It takes away the attention to the hair.

Wear something loose at the top to gel up with the silhouette smoothly it creates the illusion that the attire has volume. Complete the look with the right pair which you know already. My self-love journey from being a curvy girl to self-love

Bebodywise [CPS] IN

Dont’s For Inverted Triangle Body type


It’s an additional detail for you to make it till here. Avoid bigger handbags because they will end up adding more volume to your upper half. Which is the whole point to avoid bulk in the shoulder. The thumb rule of fashion is bigger prints make you look bigger & vice versa. So choose a printed outfit wisely.

Horizontal stripes make the body wider and vertical stripes make you look taller. It totally depends on your body shape & height. For instance, If you are skinny then the horizontal print will work in your favour.

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