Create 8 textures using watercolors

Are you stuck with where to begin texturing? or Are you kinda afraid of the outcome? Are you brainstorming new techniques to create textures? well well, you hit the right post. So, I am gonna share my techniques on How to create wow textures using any watercolors. These tricks are simply awesome. I used poster colors you can use any liquid colors. The inspiration is natural leaf & flowers. Let’s get start scrolling down.

To get this awesome texture I used the layering method. First & foremost cut the same shape sponge in small to large size. Take any one color. Use the small shapes first then medium & large. After that take one light color or any suitable one to add drama.
Iused a fresh leaf for this beautiful texture. Always use the backside of the leaf to get a more intricate texture. Press it gently on paper using hand to get a perfect parallel-veined leaf. Play with a mix of colors to get this beauty.

Take any shape feather to get this texture. Remember to apply the colors on the front side. Use light colors for the background it will enhance the texture.
Sprinkle some neon or light colors using a toothbrush in the background. Cut the sponge in any shape Here, I used a pyramid-shaped sponge to dab & place them accordingly.
Keeping the primary color scheme in mind adding olive color. I created this texture. I used fresh marigold flower to come up with this abstract art.
Firstly color the edges of the page using a sponge. Stick to any two colors one light & one dark. Using sponge creates some background. Here I used primary color red, blue, & yellow. Then take different size marigold (dried) flower pick the darker shade of the color used in the background to pop up the texture. At last dip the flower in the green shade to complete the texture.
Take any piece of fabric or lace which has texture. I used selvage ( tightly-woven right and left edges) of the denim fabric not jeans remember. I put that in horizontal way keeping some space in between to fill that with a crumpled paper ball texture.
Ooh, your palette looks like a rainbow? No worries Our fingers will give it life. A natural finger texture we all need to play around. Create any texture just pressing your watery fingers on paper. Dip your finger in the water & take colors and play Holi (The festival of colors) on your paper.

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  1. This is very creative. Beautiful textures.

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