How To Style Petite Body Type? | 20 Stunning Clothing Tricks Every Short Girl Must Know

Petite girls are constantly in a thought that they don’t have long legs to wear alluring gowns. Or have short hands which don’t add beauty to sleeveless clothes. But it’s not true there are ways to put things on and slay! There are many guides to get dressed and follow fashion trends. This article is a fashion guide for petite girls.

Petite girls are thin and honestly the cutest. On the other hand, every clothing isn’t made for everyone. In this case, short girls should avoid some trends and build some of yours.  Maybe short girls don’t know how pretty and cute they appear with little no effort in the below outfits:

Knee-Length Sweats & Hoodies With Ankle Boots


Who comes to your mind when you read this. Let me give you a hint- a pop sensation! Right, that’s Ariana Grande. Ariana is 5 1′ and always slays in long sweats. Her effortless clothing style is iconic. The ankle boots highlight legs, which completes the look.

Long Sleeve Shirt & Pencil Skirt With Lightly Pointed Toe Stiletto Heel


This look is carried out by long sleeves and stiletto heels. A pencil skirt looks wrapped up on the body; the figure looks fantastic as the heels are pointed. This can be the formal look for professional women.

Tank Tops and Jeans with Pumps


Tank top is a bold kind of apparel. But with the help of a good pair of jeans and pumps. It comes out pretty as hell. The skinny jeans and pumps could be the best combo for a fashion guide for petite girls.

Tees and High Waist Short Jeans With Sneakers


The whole combination of these apparel makes a cute outfit for teen girls. Sneakers add funkiness to this outfit. There are a variety of colors and styles of sneakers. Tees looks super cute on petite girls., and the high waist shorts gives a feminine look.

Crop Top and Solid Skirt With Ankle Strap Footwear


Here, you can switch the shoes and ankle strap heels according to the occasion. Heels give a girly vibe to this outfit and shoes for tomboyish girls.

Mini Dresses And Lace-Up Heels

The fashion guide for petite girls would be incomplete without this one. Dresses make every girl look beautiful, But mini dresses on short girls bloom out their beauty, especially the floral ones. To enhance this apparel and its worth lace-up heels do the rest of the work. Which Indian actress has your body type?

A Formal Look With Block Heel

Block heel surely, holds the formal look of trousers along with the blazer. Heels give your height a pump, and the shirt with long sleeves highlights your hands as they look long.

Structured Clothing


Rather than baggy clothes, petite girls can wear structured apparel. The perfectly shaped clothing looks attractive. Baggy clothes look like too much put-on of clothes.

Mini Bags


A mini bag grabs the attention and looks good with the size of petite girls. Holding a max-size bag would dull the beauty of an outfit. What face shape do you have?

Floral Crop Tops/Bralettes


The sleeveless floral crop tops and bralettes with denim short is the most gorgeous combination. A must-follow fashion guide for petite girls should include this. Short girls appear sweet and girly because of the top.

Straight Leg Denim


The trend maybe is the ripped jeans. But the straight-leg denim will boost the look of the outfit. Straight-leg denim could be styled on shirts and heels as it looks more appealing. Fashion do’s & dont’s

Waist fitting dress


Waist-fitting dresses look sexy and cute at the same time only on petite girls. Shakira and Scarlett Johnson are short-height celebrities, wear waist-fitting outfits on most of the shows. It looks feminine, sexy, and very beauteous.

Vertical Strips Clothes


A vertical striped top or jumpsuit along with the heels will put you stand out from the crowd. It gets highlighted easily, therefore rather than horizontal striped clothes shift to vertical ones.

Hourglass Silhouette


A dress should be selected based on the figure as well. But in this fashion guide for petite girls, the hourglass silhouette looks absolutely stunning on short girls. Despite the height, the mini hourglass silhouette pulls the curves. Max size girls hesitate to wear this, but this dress is made for curves, And on petite girls, it perfectly goes well. Amazing floral fashion trending 2021



Corsets represent the beauty of the waistline and collarbones. Most of the women and teen girls prefer wearing corsets. It looks very structured and neat. The shapes make corsets unique apparel.

Long Kurti and heels


Straight Long Kurti with an embroidery design on hands and neck along with the heels is a go-to look.

Wrapped Dresses


Wrapped dresses look great as mini dresses. Such dresses focus on the shape of the body, and it appears best.

Belted dresses

Short dresses with the loose waist look weird on petite girls, But with the belt, It can be modified. The outfit becomes more attractive and girlish.

Bell-bottom jeans

Rather than big and baggy jeans, bell-bottom jeans make legs look longer. There are tons of designs, but the plain ones go well. For a trial, one can test wearing vertical strap pants. Top kdrama to watch now

Off-shoulder Sundresses


Sundresses are the most pretty ones from the fashion guide for a petite girls collection. Of course, the colors matter, but the sleeves completely change the appearance. For short girls, floral and light-colored off-shoulder sundresses are the best choice!

– Priyanka Kharat

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