How to style cotton saree amazingly?

How to create Indo-western look using cotton saree?

Tired of wearing saree in one style from decades. oh yeah, you do try some new style inspired by your favorite celeb But it didn’t turn out well as you expected. Ugh, let’s get back to the old style again, No I can’t let you do that. If you are in a dilemma with the flock of your beautiful saree collection to give a nice twist especially a cotton saree. If your grandma or Mum has cotton saree collection get a saree from her treasure trove to give a wow look to that beauty who is tired of the same style. I hear you sweety (saree). Cotton saree stereotypes have been broken b our smart teen’s experiments with our western clothes. All the age groups have welcomed with open arms to their wardrobe. Ta-da We have come up with an astounding style you’ll unquestionably love it. Only 4 tricks to achieve anything.

How to style cotton saree?
How to style cotton saree?


How to create?

All you need is a black tube top, any cotton saree with a nice border to create a statement as we are not using jewelry to avoid noise in the center. It’s reserved for our marvelous saree border. Wear the saree in a dhoti type tuck the pleats of the front in the backside. The border of the saree should be placed in the center secure it with safety pins. This style also flattens the body giving an accurate shape to the saree. Mang tika is a must to complete the look and very important you have to have something to throw on your tube top to give Indo western look fantastically. It’s an add on point for you to get the awesomeness of this style. It could be any jacket of nice prints I would recommend wearing a loud vibrant colored jacket. Playing around with different western tops as corset will give you a whole another look. But, make sure the saree is worn in dhoti way to create jaw-dropping look.

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