How to recycle an old T-Shirt

Has this lockdown boredom forced you to splash some creativity? Have you tried to recycle any of your pieces to add a fresh look to the wardrobe? If you are looking forward to paint anyone of your T-shirts then read this space before picking that nice brush.

Trying new things always comes with two faces of a coin either you learn it or succeed in it. So, learn first then give a try. Here you gotta learn the tips and tricks to get that perfect recycled piece. 

Step 1 - Wash

Look at that solid piece you gave the funeral long back. It’s time to give life to that dead piece. If the T-shirt is cotton then get your hands ready for some creative juice to flow on that plain surface. The fabric painting observes well on the cotton material well. 

So, the first & foremost step to take is to dip your t-shirt in clean water for few hours. Let the water soak fully. Take it out don’t squeeze it just dip twice thrice and put it out to dry. 





Step 2 - Outline

Your canvas is ready? Let’s prep to bring your inner artist out now. Bring your imagination to the paper first. Draw the picture of your thought into paper neatly trace it out to the T-shirt area you want with the help of yellow carbon paper. you can get that in any stationery store. Take a smooth nip pen to draw over the drawing keeping the yellow carbon below precisely. Woah! you have the foundation ready let’s move on to step 3 quickly.

Step 3 - Paint

Get ready to have fun with the juicy colors. You can use acrylic fabric colors. Put on the gloves(optional). Keep a sturdy base right below you going to paint to avoid the colors stain at the other parts of the fabric. Hold the brush at 45 degrees & enjoy the smooth strokes. Rense your brush quickly do not let the paint dry.

Step 4 - Post Painting


After filling that last spot. It’s time to take a good break let the fabric absorb the paint finely. Keep the T-shirt unwashed for 7 days. Later dip it into the luke water do not brush or squeeze it hard. You are just one step away to wear your hand-designed t-shirt.

Step 5 - Ironing Guidelines

So, the t-shirt is all set to get ironed now. Turn inside out and press it smoothly. Do not press on the right side of the fabric especially the painted area. The fabric paint will stick on the iron surface. You have to take a bit of care while ironing. Voila, you have successfully completed all the steps of the upcycling of the t-shirt. Taste the art of your hand-painted T-shirt and hit the ground with chin up.

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