How To Pull Off Any Outfit? | 2021 Fashion Dos & Donts

Pulling off any outfit confidently comes with lots of behind the scenes (A good fashion sense). Which is your fashion taste plays a very important role a good knowledge of fashion dos & don’ts will help you level up the fashion game.

There are multiple types of outfits you owned in your closet but if you don’t know how to embrace them then what’s the point of having such a nice piece right? 

1. Solids

Owned lots of solid colored tops and t-shirt? then make a note of this the dark colors more likely to give you a slimmer look on the contrary light and pastels gives embrace your body nicely. The black color is the best option if you are shooting video. White and green should be avoided for video appearance.

2. Crop Tops


Are you a crop top lover? then keep these things in mind while buying or styling it. A crop top is a lifesaver for a petite figure. It creates an illusion that makes you look taller. Buying center printed crop tops is a good way drag attention to the upper torso. Pair that with ripped jeans or high waisted pants.

3. Belt


An hourglass body is assumed to be the well-defined body shape out of other body types. If you are a person with a curvy body always divide the center body using a belt or sash. It creates a smart look. 10 Questions with Neeta Lulla

Nude shade belts are good option If the outfit is playful. make a nice belt your best friend. It will give a phenomenal look to the outfit.

4. Baggy Pant


Baggy pants look amazing on any body shape If it styled properly. A high-waisted baggy pant is a good fit if you have a narrow waist. It gives a good shape. Buy the front faced pocket pants If you are skinny vice versa.

The pastels and ice blue color baggy pants suit everyone. Pair it with any crop tops or T- top to look sassy.

5. Avoid Fad

The outfits which are in trend for a short period of time are a fad. Invest in classic pieces to avoid impulsive buying. Some amazing fad outfit amazes a large number of the crowd but doesn’t follow blindly what others are doing.  What face shape do you have?

6. Vertical Stripes


Shapes play a prominent role in every outfit. The geometric shapes help to break down the types to understand anything accurately. The vertical stripes make one look taller because the human eye moves top to bottom it creates imaginary fiction in the mind. The horizontal makes one look wider that’s why skinny people tend to use this trick a lot. How to level up in lockdown?

7. Twin Top & Bottom

Wearing the same color top to bottom is in trend. But you can style your outfit by adding the same color belt which divides your body into an ideal body type (hourglass). If you don’t then it may look like a boxy figure which is a fashion disaster. make sure the accessory has a contrasting color. 

8. Prints


Always remember if your top is plain then your bottom should be printed. this creates a cohesive look. small prints create the illusion of looking slimmer and bold big prints make a strong look. If your minimalistic then this piece is a must-try for you. Guide to men’s casuals

9. Ankle Jeans

Crop straight leg/ankle straight leg jeans go well in every outfit. If you are a tomboy personality and loves wearing shoes then these jeans are for you. One can make their regular jeans to ankle length by just folding it neatly. this is another trick to lift your lower torso height. It’s a super comfy and cool look.

10. Layering


This is a seasonal look but people should definitely try this look. This is a boss lady look. If you are an introvert then avoid this look not everyone can pull off this bold look amazingly. But you can fake it until you make it. 

Always keep this ratio in mind 2:1 which means the jacket should be contrast or the top & bottom vice versa. If you are a petite figure avoid long jackets it makes you look shorter.

11. High waist jeans


High waisted jeans are must have in every girl’s closet. If you are a petite heavy body then it’s the best piece to rely on to hide your layers. Wear a top or t-shirt till the navel. It might give bulky look if you tie up your Tee above.

There are plenty of shades are available to pick dark navy blue to slim down your lower body. 

12. Statement


Each & every person has their own style do you know what is your statement? is it your hairstyle, accessory, or how you pull every outfit gracefully make you stand out. It comes after a lot of trial & error. Experiment with your looks to find your statement. How I Became K – fan

13. Feel good


Your face is a mirror image of your emotions. If you are’nt feeling happy eternal then spending tones of penny won’t give that charming look. Smile chin up feel good in whatever body type you have or skin tone.

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