How To Style Men’s Casuals | 10 Basics to follow

If you think dressing up is only for women then you need to do two things one you need help two read this post. This column is fully customized to help you out to turn your looks in to wow. Everyone likes a well-dressed person.  Don’t you?

How makeup makes women look attractive like men need good dressing skills too to look attractive. The right outfit will enhance your appearance which compliments your body type, Let’s quickly dive into your makeover session before that I want you to declutter your mind and make space for this golden advice. Alright, let’s hit up!!

1. Eliminate Similar style


The first & foremost thing is to give farewell to your unworn pieces. If you’re one of those sensitive people who struggle to threw their clothes due to an attachment oops can’t help. Take this advice you won’t regret it later. To create something new you have to let go old. Let’s give an awesome look to your basic wardrobe.

2. Brand doesn't matter


If you are in that blindfold that brand enhances your value. Then, you need to hear this term called carrying yourself well makes the statement. That brand label might be hidden inside the cloth but the comfort you show outside enhances your personality. Pick pieces that you can pull off warmly. Experiment with your casual look to level up.

3. Fit


Nobody wants to wear the same thing as others. Because everyone tries to be unique in their clothing rather than fitting into a group. How to make difference? well, very simple get customized your clothing in which only you can fit. Fashion Interview

4. Right Shoes

Good shoes take you good places. But how to find good shoes? it’s impossible to keep up with the trend but having a few classy shoes can fill all the trends. Invest in a good pair of slip-on shoes and lace-up shoes to save up your shoe game. 10 questions with a Korean Blogger visited India

5. Layering


Layering is reserved for the upper body no doubt. This applies in winter especially. Make sure 2:1 rule If your bottom and tunic are the same shade throw something contrast on top or vice versa. This creates a good combination. What face shape do you have?

6. Pair of jeans

A great fit begins with the waist. The trouser should be well fitted while it fastens with a belt without clinching at the waist. Wide leg jeans are trending in 2020 most. It gives a nice fit diverting attention towards shoes. You should pick a pair of jeans which allow you to breathe smoothly not too skinny fits or too high. Great classic jeans will have a medium rise.

7. Prints & Solids

how to dress well mens casual

Ever confused while buying prints? Nice printed shirts are a must-have in every men’s wardrobe. So, keep this golden rule in your mind The smaller the print the smaller you look If you have a bigger body. If you are a person who doesn’t like prints then you can opt for dark deep solid colors shirt like navy blue, brown, black

8. Watch

Timeless style Timeless colour Made from premium materials, Fossil watches collection will stay colourful forever. Get yours:

Watch plays a noticeable role in any look. A leather strap band is a go-to look for all the casuals. Any category watch can be worn with a jeans combination. A watch depicts your personality a gym freak wears a multifunctional and durable watch while a keen sense of fashion guy picks his taste in a wristwatch.



9. Self Confidence

What you feel in that shows out. Whenever you go out of doors, draw the chin up, carry the crown of the head high, and fill the lungs to the utmost, drink in the sunshine, greet your friends with a smile. Because confidence completes the look. Best eyewear for your face shape

10. Dress according to your skin tone


Colors play a very important role in dressing according to your skin color. Syncing with the right pair of colors will add feathers to your style hat.

We all have different shades of colors and that’s make you unique. Wear your confidence in your color. But only a few of them can understand what looks good on them according to their skin shade. Click here To determine that, you must know what types of color suits you best.

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