How to dress according to your zodiac sign?

Fashion flutters everyone’s heart and boosts mood too. But mood-changing fashion isn’t anything shocking. This article is dedicated to those who are into fashion according to zodiac signs. Astrology narrates about 12 zodiac signs and their behavior traits.

People adapt fashion only when it brings satisfaction to them. What we wear represents the physical appearance, personality, and choice in things too. Judging someone’s appearance by clothes isn’t right, But sometimes it helps to interpret other people. Scrutinizing fashion according to zodiac signs becomes fun; because we can observe someone and guess his\her stars. 



These intellectual water bearers are quirky ones in their fashion style too. They are stubborn and don’t adapt to fashion just because it’s a trend. The style that is light, plain, and simple is what Aquarius can stand.

They wear synchronous and contemporary outfits. They are very imaginative and unconventional. For example-  Cardigans: long sleeves, v-neck, light color baggy cardigan with denim shorts. 

Best color for fashion and styling: The ultramarine blue, grey, purple, electric blue colors are best for Aquarians.


Pisces are romantic and artistic people alive on the earth. Their style is inspired by their thoughts and logic. Aqua and sea green are the lucky colors for them.

Effortless yet beautiful western classy dresses and elegant Indian traditional is their taste. For Example- A cropped open, long sleeves, and floral print design cardigan. Best color for fashion and styling: Aqua and sea green.



The energetic and ambitious ones. Their energy reflects through their stylish clothes. They pick well-crafted accessories for every attire. For example- A turtle neck knitted baggy long sleeve cardigan suits them the most.

They often style it with a lightweight pendant. Aries choose the light color apparel which matches their energy. Shades of red and scarlet color are lucky for Aries signs. Best color for fashion and styling: Shades of red and scarlet. 2021 Fashion Dos & Donts

4. Tauras


Gentle, sensual, and emotional word defines the personality of Taurus. Taurus chose an outfit that is luxurious yet simple and comforting. They are pajama people who like keeping things plain.  For example- A simple long sleeve cardigan over a collared shirt.

Taurus is not really a fan of wearing girly accessories. The green and pink outfits really hold the Taurus on top. Best color for fashion and styling: Green and Pink.



Adaptable is the best description for Geminis. They consistently adapt to situations without any trouble; this is how it goes with the fashion too.

They fall for trendy and fashionable stuff smoothly.  For example – A cropped open, long sleeves cardigan with the floral print; reflects their beauty and solicitous behavior.  Best color for fashion and styling:  Blue and Orange.


Cancerians are sensitive among all of the zodiac signs. They are fiercely nostalgic and loyal. They like to get dressed according to their moods. The fashion sense of caner is mysterious and moody. Vintage clothing attracts them the most. Blue and silver admire the cancer sign. Best floral dresses to buy this summer

For example- A cute cropped cardigan with a v-neck and some accessories. Best color for fashion and styling:  Blue and silver.



Leo prefers elegant and classy outfits. They love keeping up with the trends. They have the habit of collecting an appealing and alluring jewelry collection.

Dominating Leo falls for canvas and vibrant colors. For example- A cardigan with a long sleeve with a collared shirt inside, and delicate accessories. Red, Yellow, Golden, Orange, and Cream color apparels highlight Leo well. Best color for fashion and styling:  Red, Yellow, Golden, Orange, and Cream.



Virgos are well-grounded people. They like bounteous clothing. Womanish outfit expresses their feelings; therefore they love wearing such. For example- Long sleeve baggy Cardigans with a deep V-neck.

Mismatching accessories, handbags, and shoes according to clothes. Green, White, Grey, orange, and pink are the lucky colors that enhance the beauty of Virgo people. Best color for fashion and styling: Green, White, Grey, orange, and pink. Mindblowing textile printing



These are charming with their apparel. A charismatic personality of libra loves graceful outfits. Most Libras are into white, blue, and lavender clothing. For example- Peeps like a cute cropped light-colored cardigan with a v-neck.

Romantic behavior needs a romantic and flirtatious fashion style. Best color for fashion and styling:  Jade Green and Blue



Scorpio’s fall into the category of bold and dark thoughts. Their energy is represented by their clothes. The styling of Scorpio includes a darkish wardrobe. They love gloomy, caliginous, and grey color fashion. For example- A Scorpio will love a cardigan with mixed grey and darkish pattern.

Styling clumpy accessories with dimmed clothes is what they love. Best color for fashion and styling: Grey, black, and darkish colors.



Sagittarius has a bountiful personality. They are awfully adventurous and socially active birds. However, Sagittarius loves looking smart and goes for glamorous fashion and style. Designer outfits with quaint and exotic jewelry. For example- A turtle neck knitted baggy long sleeve cardigan with beautifier accessories suits them the most. Ultimate guide to digital prints

Best color for fashion and styling: Cream, White, Orange, and Light Blue colors are favorable to Sagittarius.



Capricorns prefer the monotonous appearance. Glamour, vintage, aesthetic isn’t their style. When it comes to styling, they love metallic color outfits or go with the simple look of floral pattern. Capricorn loves formal, neat, and sophisticated apparel.

Jewelry, shoes, handbags choice is pretty much refined and noble. For example- They will wear an outfit of the same color from head to toe and style it with a different color shoe. Best color for fashion and styling:  Dark blue and Green.

– Priyanka Kharat

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