I am so obsessed with love stories from movies to songs to reading novels to dreaming. lol, You ask me why? All blame to (SRK) Sharukh Khan is known as a King of romance in India. My whole childhood sincerely dedicated to all the Bollywood movies of SRK like DDLJ, KKHH, K3G, Baazigar, OSO, Mohabbatein, etc. I never got excited to explore any other genre because of his charm. But destiny takes me to the K world. K drama is known for its Rom-Com. I dived into the genre no turning back from then.  I  (Annyeonghaseyo) Hi, today’s post dedicated to all the K lovers. I am super thrilled to share my story of how I became a fan of South Korean dramas aka Kdrama. It is just like a series or serial in other words. But what set this apart from the other countries’ series? Why people are crazy about dramas? Why not Hollywood series? Hold on give it a break to your questions buckles up I will take you to my journey of becoming a K fan.

How an Indian girl became a K drama fan? W two worlds my first kdrama review.
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My affair with kdrama

In the year 2017, I was preparing for my entrance exam. I used to get so stressed all day too tired there was no fun at all too much contemplation It’s like my brain gonna bust like a cooker holding too much pressure in mind. I wanted some change to take a chill on a rigorous day. As we know who can make us happy That’s right Best friend. We were in the conference call cracking jokes talking and asking what we are doing in break time One of my friends told me that she was watching Kdrama. I was surprised like dude seriously do you have that much time to even watch some series. I give her a good lecture on spending time on mere series until I got addicted. I wanted to know what is it that she can’t get over. I downloaded the Viu app. As I was pondering what should I watch there something caught my rolling eyes. I welcomed myself to the kdrama world by watching the W two Worlds. I liked the poster, to be honest, lol.

When I watched the very first episode of W Kdrama. Just like others I also got confused between the faces of all the cast damn they all look so similar naah. It’s completely different once you gotta understand okay! It introduced me to a very beautiful Korea culture. What I like the most is they treat everyone with utmost respect which ultimately makes them humble down to earth nature. The culture of India & Korea is almost the same. This attracts many Indians to like k dramas.  Also, the sense of fashion is amazing in Korea especially Seoul the capital of South Korea. Watching series helped me to learn a new language which is add on point for me. 

Why to watch W Two worlds?

It’s a fictional webtoon remake of a comic book that gained lots of popularity in South Korea. I loved the idea of webtoon coming to the life and the execution was phenomenal the unpredictable content keeps you hang on watching the episodes in a loop. The way Kang Chul cartoon character in W two worlds showed it’s quite amazing Lee jong suk was perfect to play that role no doubt. The female lead Yeon Joo falls in love with the cartoon character of another world I loved Han Hyo Joo cuteness in W. It’s full of suspense and fictional. I watched the 10 episodes of w and gave myself a condition to watch the remaining episodes as a reward after exams. 

If you like fictional series than It’s a must-watch for you. Each and every episode is filled with twists and turns that make you watch the next and next episodes until you finish it. If you are an anime lover then you should give a try Because the drama is a remake of a comic W. Here is my honest review of the series w two worlds.

Stay tuned for an honest review of the K dramas. If you have come across any new drama then do let me know in the comments below. Subscribe to receive the next post directly into your mailbox.

And the drama continues…

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