Find Rectangle Body Shape Indian Celebrities with a Fashion Guide

Rectangular body shape is known as supermodel shape. Because of its boxy proportion, the body tends to look straight. Having a rectangular body shape is not a curse if you have cracked the code of how to style your body type? If it is styled sophisticatedly it can make heads turn around.

There are plenty of Indian celebrities who shares your body type. having a rectangular body shape didn’t stop them to create a fashion statement in a b town then why don’t you steal some ideas from their style game? Following their fashion sense can erase your questions. Pull that note pad out to jot down these fashion guides to style your not-so-boxy shape.

1. Ameesha Patel


As you figured out a rectangle body has an average shoulder so you need to define it well by wearing structured necklines likewise a diamond cuts diamond.

Some of the best tops you must have in your closet are a Pussy bow top, V neck top, Halter top.

2. Kangana Ranaut


Dresses are something girls go crazy for. Add these dresses for your next brunches or a girl’s hangout. It gives a perfect definition to your waist making it look like an hourglass body type.

Reactnaglur body shape must-have dresses are Wrap around, A-line, & Off-shoulder dresses. How to style a petite body?

3. Nargis Fakhri


If you love layering your outfit mark this down for your next style. Rule 1 of the rectangular body is to define the waist whatever you pick from that rack. Making narrow in the middle gives a perfect silhouette to any body shape.

Rectangle body shape must-have jackets are single-breasted blazer or denim jacket, Peplum jacket, Belt at the waist if the outfit is straight it will define your waist amazingly. How to pull off any outfit?

4. Anushka Sharma


A perfect bottom can turn the fashion table upside down. Rectangle body type has little to no waistline. The right bottom can make a major difference in the silhouette. It complements the upper half if it has worn well. Have a good thought before picking your next bottom.

The best bottom you can go for is flared jeans, skinny jeans, cigarette or straight pants. 20 Fashion jobs you didn’t know exist

5. Vidya Balan


The neckline is the first thing that people notice. However, it can make you look gorgeous or terrible. The choice you have to make options is yours. It’s difficult to match the outfit with a said neckline but here is the secret you can get it altered by the tailor at a minimal cost. Indian actress famous for their signature style

Find these necklines in every outfit you eye on. V neck, Off-shoulder, & Sabrina neckline. You are all set to rock your styling game now.

6. Kriti Sanon

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Adding volume to the waist is the best way to hide the boxy silhouette. The belted look creates an illusion of the curve in the waist which gives a nice hourglass look to the body. Rectangle body is all about defining a waist by no hard and fast rule.

Rectangle body shape gorgeous your go-to skirts are straight cut, Aline, circle skirt.

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