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A good Korean drama can lift your mood to the best. The increasing craze for Kdrama left many options for the users to choose genres of their taste. Why surf other sites for the latest series. Here you will find in more ease to pick the best K drama to add to the binge list for your chill time.

1. Touch


Touch Korean drama aired on Jan 3, 2020 – Feb 22, 2020. It is the story of a Popular make up artist. He is a perfectionist in his skills. The female lead is a trainee to become an idol for 10 years who later give up on her dream and started with makeup as her new aptitude which is a makeup artist. They happened to meet in a studio and fall in love growing the business together.

2. Tale of the Nine Tailed


The most liked mythical drama so far is a Tale of the Nine-Tailed Aired on Oct 7, 2020 – Nov 26, 2020. The male lead has the superpower to transform into a human form. The female lead suspicious him to be way more perfect head to toe. He grants wishes to the human to trick them.

3. Half of Half

This is the story of an artificial intelligence programmer. Who is super determined and workaholic whatever it takes up the project. He expects the same from his employees too. But when it comes to love he is okay with a small fraction of love to sustain until he meets the female lead she is classical music recording engineer & a believer of everything happens for a reason. This drama aired on Mar 23, 2020 – Apr 28, 2020.

4. Nobody Knows

 This is a mystery drama. The female lead is a detective who is her own way to uncover the secret behind her neighbor’s son’s suicide case. She senses foul play by her superiors & decides to look into the matter on her own with the help of the Homeroom teacher of her friends murder.

5. Mystic Pop Up Bar

This Korean drama aired on May 20, 2020 – Jun 25, 2020. It is based on a popular webtoon of the same name. It contains an interesting story of fantasy that the founder of the mysterious pojangmacha ( Outdoor Drinking Establishment) and the part-timer visit their customer’s dream to help them resolve their problems of life.

6. Romantic Doctor Kim 2

This Korean drama based on a real doctor story aired on Jan 6, 2020 – Feb 25, 2020. He is pretty famous as a surgeon at a huge hospital. The biggest challenge to him is to manage a hospital with his two former students they need to improve yet. The drawback is the hospital is in the countryside lacking manpower.

7. Private Lives

This Korean drama aired on Oct 7, 2020 – Nov 26, 2020 has unleashed the swindler skills who go after a huge company. She often targets other swindlers filled with elegance and charming persona. On contrary, the male lead is a mysterious figure who is working in a company as an employee. A professional swindler ( Scammer) twist drama.

8. When The Weather Is Fine

A perfect melodrama & romance koran drama aired on Feb 24, 2020. Apr 21, 2020. A story about forgiveness, healing, and love began in the countryside. The female lead is a cello player since childhood. She is not doing good emotionally and shuts the door of her heart to others. Giving up on her dream she goes back to her hometown there she meets the owner of the bookshop (Goodnight Bookstore) The male lead who changes her life perspective.

9. The King: The Eternal Monarch

It’s a historical fantasy drama aired on Apr 17, 2020 – Jun 12, 2020. The male lead is the third Korean emperor of his generation. He seems to interest in attending university than staying palace in a parallel world. There he meets the female lead an inspector both defeat the criminals & close the door between their two worlds.

10. Start Up


It is an inspired fictional drama of ‘Silicon Valley” named as “SandBox” Where the youth of Koreans goes to make their dream come true by pitching their startup ideas. The male lead is desperately want to get into the sandbox for his AI tech invented by his partners. The female lead quits her job after an unstable career track she decides to gave a shot at sandbox for her proposal. A youth juggling between emotional and career trauma storyline will they make it big? Top 4 Kdrama available in Hindi dub 

11. Welcome

A webtoon turned into a drama of the same name. Telling the story of a graphic designer in her 20s in the dilemma of hate-love relation with the cat which can actually transform into a human He tries hard to hide his real identity by staying close to her. However, She doesn’t know about the cat transforming abilities. 

12. Rugal

Rugal Korean drama is based on a webtoon of the same name aired on Mar 28,2020 – May 17, 2020. It is a story of an elite police officer who tried to bring down Argos a nationwide criminal organization he has been put behind bars accusing of killing his own family. To take revenge on his family he is on the mission of sabotaging the Argos.

13. Memorist

kdrama 2020 list

Based on the hit webtoon named memorist aired between Mar 11, 2020 – Apr 30, 2020. It is a mystery thriller genres. This is a story of a detective with supernatural power who loses his memory. Unpacking the mysteries of all the cases he finds on his way which keeps you hooked with every episode climax. 

14. Good Casting

The story of a legendary agent for the national intelligence service broadcasted between Apr 27, 2020 – Jun 16, 2020. She lost her subordinate in an operation and decided to switch her profession So, she works at a company called Ilkwang Hitech. The CEO of the company resembles her as his first love contemplating in a suspicious way.

15. 365 Repeat The Year

Adapted from the Japanese novel “Repeat”. A supernatural, crime & mystery genres Korean drama aired between Mar 23,2020 – Apr 28, 2020. In this drama, the ten characters got a chance to reset their life by going back to their past. But some incident makes their life upside down which leads to mysterious events.

16. Hyena

The genres of this drama is law & comedy aired on Feb 21, 2020 – Apr 11, 2020. The Hyena lawyers are known for their competitive nature and eliteness. They work for the richest 1% of society. The male lead is got expertise on law and very notable in his work but arrogant nature. The story contains the clash between two of these strong hyena lawyers.

17. Forest

Forest Kdrama is based on the mysterious forest aired on Jan 29, 2020 – Mar 19, 2020. The place where male lead unpack the secrets of his childhood memory. It happened to get transfer to a nearby forest hospital He is a very intelligent emergency service worker. The female lead is a young passionate surgeon. They both discover the forgotten secret hidden in the forest together. What face shape you have?

18. Alice

Alice Kdrama aired on Aug 28, 2020 – Oct 24, 2020. It’s a Sci-Fi Fantasy genre. The male lead happens to find out the time travelers device named ‘Alice’. He finds out a dead woman in a present while investigating the case. The double role of the female character keeps him off the track.

19. When my Love Blooms

Aired on Apr 25, 2020 – Jun 14, 2020 melodrama romance genre. Two lead experiences the most beautiful moment in their life first loves at first sight. Unfortunately, it couldn’t last. The duo took a different path and met after 40 years will they able to forget the past and move ahead? will they reignite a flame that flickered out decades ago?

20. Tell Me What You Saw

It is a suspense thriller drama starring a strong genius character who investigates the serial killers with his brilliant team members includes a veteran detective, team leader who drafts the strategic plan. these ambitious team skills is what keeps you watch the next episode eagerly.

21. Hi, Bye Mama


It’s a family & supernatural genre kdrama aired on Feb 22, 2020 – Apr 19, 2020. The mother of the lovely happy family dies and undergoes reincarnation of 49 days. Her husband a thoracic surgeon got married after two years. The suspicious behavior of him leads to an interesting twist in the story.

22. Itaewon Class


A very inspiring drama one of my favorites. I have given a detailed review about this drama Click Here to read. This drama aired on Jan 31, 2020 – Mar 21, 2020. The male lead tales the revenge of his father’s death by building a powerful business after all hardships & struggles he faces after his dad’s demise. Zero to billion$ company and his team support creates a benchmark in the food industry.

23. Record of Youth

This is a youth genre drama depicting the young people friendship career and love life. The struggle in reaching their goal while balancing the love life. How the three male best friends handle one’s success. The female lead quits her job to become a makeup artist. Her passion for makeup is something that keeps her alive. After fangirling a model for quite long destiny made them both meant for together but it doesn’t last due to some circumstances.

24. Money Game


Money Game is a business genre drama aired on Jan 15, 2020 – Mar 5, 2020. This drama based on a cutthroat war between the head of the financial policy bureau and the inappropriate bank deals. An economic government official hides his identity to investigate the matter. A stubborn chairman is a hurdle to his investigation who can do anything to reach his goal.

25. It's Okay to Be Not Okay


This drama aired on Jun 20, 2020 – Aug 9, 2020. The story of a community health worker at a psychiatric ward who lives on a very minimal salary his elder brother is mentally not well but a great artist he lives with. The female lead is a storybook writer but she is selfish, arrogant 7 rude in nature. She got cursed for her love and hates her father a lot.

26. 18 Again

This story based on an American film 17 again. The Kdrama aired on Sep 21, 2020 – Nov 10, 2020, has a unique storyline. A proud parent of 18 years old twin male lead is on the verge of getting a divorce but shockingly the male lead back to his body when he was 18 years old. He goes to the same school as his kids discovering new things about his own life.

27. My Wonderful Life

It is a story of a 30 years old woman who works day and night after his husband lost all his business and files for divorce. But She refuses to the rift of a family because of her children. She thinks she has switched her life with somebody else. After all struggles, she gets in where she wants But she met her past on her way which makes her life miserable as housewife.

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