Being a Curvy Girl to Self Love Journey

Rittika Bhattacharya
Content Writer

Sharing my self-love journey with the iva blog to inspire many beautiful women out there. This is going to be long I am going to write everything I have felt and seen that too for long years, so grab your coffee or tea sit back on your chair and let’s get started.

Myself Rittika Bhattacharya, I am 23years old and I am not slim at all I never have been and I guess the reason can be genetics and I am Bengali so rice is a staple for us which is why extremely slim girls are rare in West Bengal you can see slim and curvy girls like me, extremely fat girls are equally rare. Nevertheless, the school was tough especially the girls taunting, body shaming, everything was there but it was all verbal though, I know in a lot of countries bullies cross that line as well.

Hated My Body


 I started hating myself, my body, I started to skip my meals although I’m a foodie and the adults oh God they are something else altogether, there are some people I know they think they are a doctor and they know everything there is about health, nutrition and fitness so they will try to educate you even when it’s not their place to say, my parents should be the one to tell me nah?? and they did but out of concern, they will tell me to lose some weight so that you can stay healthy and fit although I don’t have any weight related disease neither I’m obese but still in the future I may have but they don’t body shame me saying stuffs like you would be prettier if you were thin or how can you dance? Have the stage never broke?, or maybe some guys are like I can’t be attracted towards you because you are fat and so on and on the list goes on.

Discovery of My Self Love


Frankly, I don’t remember so much and mind you this was not just the only problem in my life I had a financial problem, people use to misunderstand me a lot I didn’t even know why, job politics(corporate world yeah! Tough), plus relationship and heartbreak problems and so on the list is long. I use to cry at night because of these reasons I really had no reason or love for myself but I started seeing myself in a different light when this one person came into my life. is he treating you right?

I would really like to thank that one person who showed me no matter what I am there for you, you are the prettiest women I have ever laid eyes on and those words were not just for show I could literally feel that love and passion radiating from his eyes that’s when I got to know what self-love is (btw this person also used to tell me to lose weight but in a very loving and gentle way which showed me his care and nothing else).

I am a Curvy Girl & I love Dance


It’s not like I don’t want to lose weight now like many other people I also have gained weight during this lockdown and I left dancing all of a sudden but at least whatever I am doing I am doing it for myself not because somebody has told me too. I dress the way I want too, a lot of people will say you are looking too fat in this or I can see your way too big body or maybe you should wear something more covered, dresses are not for you because it shows your large thighs and bla bla bla…

People have tried a lot to educate me when it comes to fashion and health but every individual being has their own style and way to express themselves why others bother with this let the person live the life like he/she wants too. But once you have tasted the sweetness of self-love and you have gained the confidence in yourself it becomes very easy to ignore others. Why people don’t succeed?

Believe me, you can’t please everyone and even if you do they will find something to say again so the people who are meant to love you will love you no matter what and it’s better to concentrate on them who loves you, who are trying for you and on yourself only, let the rest of the world do whatever they want too. 

Hope each and everyone can find the confidence within them and live your life on your terms, be happy and be healthy. Never settle for less than what you deserve, keep chasing your happiness until you feel content from within.

Girls are Like Country Roads. The Best Ones Got Curves.
Earl Dibbles

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