Amazing Korean Fashion Style to Follow in 2021

South Korea has become a center of fashion since; bts, kpop, and kdramas have been introduced worldwide. People drool over Korean apparel and their style. kfashion got so firm and deeply rooted into people’s hearts.

The Korean style has a fan base from different countries. There are Korean fashion brands that ship apparel across the globe. It must be hard to put into work, but the demand of people pushes brands. There are Korean fashion brands to shop online from. But they ship to very few, and especially Asian countries.

How kfashion got so big has a simple answer. In the music industry celebrities like k-pop and k-drama stars are the reason. People get stunned with their Korean touch fashion & chose them Korean fashion too. If you want to slay the fashion but with your Korean crazy love then  let’s move ahead and pick the trends from kfashion.

A. Warm spring-inspired outfits:


Korean fashion brands rematerialize cardigans a lot with dresses, shirts, denim, and skirt. Follow the trends which will refresh your taste in girly outfits.

  1. Cardigan over a turtleneck shirt with jeans is the go-to outfit for school and college students. This combination is pretty casual, warm, and comfy!
  2. If jeans are a bit too much, then a mini skirt is the perfect replacement. Light-colored cardigans (Lavender, beige, cream, off-white, soft pink) go well with the mini skirts. It kind of looks like a cute high school uniform.
  3. A lace top with a mini skirt is another option. For an outing or date night, it’s perfect. With little to no effort, knee boots or simple heels adds beauty to the look.
  4. A blazer on jeans is a bossy look. It comes out formal and appears a little baggy. It can be adjusted with a small size belt. This formal kfashion is a raw vibe of Seoul. Dress according to zodiac sign
  5. Light color bodycon dresses with a side knot over a thigh or a side cut are girlish and kind of sexy. With a cardigan over the dress, it looks cute and can be worn casually. A kitten heel or white-chunky sneakers could work nicely.
  6. A decent look of a V-neck cardigan or jacket along with the skirt satisfies so much and stands out uniquely.
  7. A boyfriend shirt and a messy bun are a must-carry look. Most of the k-drama actresses have been seen in this appearance.

B. Street Style Korean Fashion


Street style Korean fashion mainly focuses on comfort and looks. The following items are mismatched in street fashion. 

An attractive part about street style kfashion is its unisex clothing. Most of the outfits are unisex, especially the T-shirts and the baggy sweatshirts, coats, and jackets.

  1. A baggy jacket with a tee inside and a high waist mini skirt along with ankle boots is a chic look.
  2. A denim jacket with a simple white t-shirt and pair of sneakers is a calm and eye-catchy minimal style.
  3. Long jackets and straight-leg pants are the way to go and the most kickass street style Korean fashion. Clothing according to skin tone
  4. A leather jacket along with a midi dress and ankle boots makes a person look cheeky and bold-faced.
  5. A baggy coat is funky street style. It’s layered with the shirt and fancy accessories along with the big shoes.

C. BTS Picked

  1. Sepatu Jimin wore Celine’s loose teddy in wool, and a t-shirt in cotton gives a sporty appearance. He styles it along with the converse shoes and a yellow belt from OBEY clothing. 
  2. A loose t-shirt in flocked cotton and a Celine print belt by Jung Ho-Seok is not just trendy but can be worn casually. 
  3. Kim Nam-Joon with this black oversized logo intarsia wool-blend boucle sweater is perfect to style with denim and skirts too. Fashion dos
  4.  A striped suit trouser on a double sleeve shirt is an informal look. The two-tone lace-up trainers and red web belt completes an addition to this dressy and casual outfit. Kim Tae-Hyung pulls off this outfit with such ease. 
  5. An oversized striped cardigan over the black t-shirt is an effortless fashion by Min Yoon-gi. 
  6. This collarless embroidery cotton shirt on Kim Tae-Hyung looks pleasant and so neat.

D. Celeb wardrobe


Korean actress’s blossoms dress in an alluring way. The outfits are exquisite. But mixxmix and most Korean fashion brands got most of these on their online store. This is most trending in Korean fashion to add to your style.

  1. Through this picture, ChaeLisa shows us the two types of teen fashion trends. 20 fashion jobs
  2. Lee SungKyung’s simple yet fancy cardigan over denim is satisfying and easy to follow. 
  3. Mun Kayoung wearing Cardigan in Imperfect Rasato Wool Cashmere, Textured Wool Coat, Cassette Bag in color Sherbert from Bottega Veneta is felicitous. 
  4. Jung InSun in Tweed Blazer & skirt from Blumarine can be used separately, but together it is gratifying. 

E. Cute-comfy-chic Trends:


A women’s closet should be fascinating and comfortable too. The beauty of Korean fashion is that it indulges all of these things.

A wardrobe must be refreshed with these luring and enticing outfits. Follow these delightful trends that are followed on Seoul streets.

  1. Mini bodycon dresses with asymmetrical ruffled hem get you party-ready. The spaghetti straps make your collar bone visible that enhances the overall party look. 
  2. Sleeveless midi sheath knit dress looms gorgeous on an hourglass body. It is comfortable and can carry outdoors.
  3. A floral pinafore dress with the long sleeve open knitted cardigan is the sweetest version of a girly outfit. Petite fashion guide
  4. Waist-cropped tapered pants are styled with the cropped sweatshirts. 
  5. Zip hoodie-tank top and sweatpant is the most comfortable version of kfashion.
  6. Drawstring joggers with crop tops and short sleeve shirts are in the top trends of Seoul fashion.


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