Hi, glad to see you :), here is a little bit about myself. I am a Mumbai based Indian Blogger. A 21-year ambitious girl brainstorming ideas fueled by my passion wanted to speak my thoughts out, there iva was born. I am a self-taught blogger & artist. The inspiration behind the blog name  I love writing my mind iva name is picked from my name ( Shivani) the middle three letters. This means it is a part of me iva is an emotion to me where I connect with the audience “It’s like a child to me”. The purpose of iva is all about Fashion, Motivation & K-culture. I am an army admires South Korea for its aesthetic culture. By experimenting with styles, fashion tactics are loved by my most iva squad. People acknowledged that the way I Inspires the youth with my blog is impeccable. My motivation blog helps the youngsters to level up in their life.

I choose to turn my passion into a profession currently, I am pursuing B Voc in fashion design from SNDT Juhu. I consider myself a ‘forever learner’ I had completed my diploma in the same. I am a hunter of learning new things keeping a schedule tight is my way of squeezing the time fully. I am an artist known for my inspired drawings & paintings. Click here to see my artwork. I like to live out through my interest in reading books, art & music. My favorite quote-

The community I have built here is creative, supportive, and respectful not many get to live their dream I am grateful, I am. A person will always taste the fruit of hard work all you have to do is just keep going rest but don’t stop. My faith, family, and friends have had the greatest influence on my life and are reflections of who I am today. I am so thankful and feel very lucky to have them in my life. Your time and willingness to support my blog are greatly appreciated. 


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Shivani Gowda

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