A Tennis Player Journey To Be the Best Selling Poet- A Blogger Interview

Choosing a piece of happiness is always difficult like any jigsaw puzzle solving. But Our guest Mahesh Mali succeed in that path after adding many feathers to his hat. An accidental Mechanical engineer. A state-level tennis player in 2012. Who is a proud Bibliophile & also a passionate poet. Let’s unpack the life story with great lessons he learned in the lockdown adding his advice to the upcoming bloggers.

Your poetry collection “reflection of my youth” blown up our minds. Can you break down your journey to become “The Bestselling Poetry” by kindle books? Could you share your advice with the people who don’t enjoy reading?

M – Thank you! I had never imagined, not even in my wildest dreams, that someday I’ll become a poet. I started my blog as an experiment. On one fine day, one follower commented on my blog post saying that my writing is quite poetic and I should try writing poems, I decided to gave it try. I got very good response to my first poem, so I continued trying to write poems, kept trying to improve my craft. After a year or so I was approached by two publication houses to publish my poetry collection. But I decided to go with self-publishing. I owe the success of my books to my WordPress family. Without their support becoming bestseller would have remained a distant dream. How To Level Up In Lockdown?

Advice for those who don’t like to read –
Read what you love until you start love reading. If you are a sucker for good lyrics while listening to songs, try reading poetry. If you are into adventure, read books of that genre. If you love to travel, try reading a travelogue. If you love horror then get Stephen King in the house. You can start reading in your mother tongue. Read books based on your locality or books of local authors.

In short, pick books goes well with your taste… Eventually, you yourself will try different genres, different writers.

You believe in giving & sharing your knowledge to the people using an awesomenger platform. You have shared many tips and tricks with the bloggers and the newbies. In this lockdown what changes or growth you have been noticed in you & your blogging?

M – When the lockdown began, I thought I will not be able to focus much on anything, as everyone will be at home, watching/doing something. I was quite sure that I am not a disciplined guy. But somehow I managed to study around 12 hours a day. I think I have learned to control myself, To stay concentrated, avoid doing unproductive things.

Also, I wrote “Enter” my second book, in this period. We wrote it in just 4 hours. We were having fun parodying the ‘trend of writing a single sentence into multiple lines by pressing enter and calling it poem’, we were not expecting it to be such a success. But it went on to become the #1 bestselling book in the poetry category. This whole episode has also helped me learn more about what people love, how to promote the book more effectively. Fashion Label Interview

I also did many experiments with my writing style this year, though I don’t think anyone noticed those small details in the poems’ structures. I tried to write about a variety of topics. I will strongly suggest every writer out there to keep experimenting to hone your writing skills. 7 Must-Have To Write An Effective Blog

Apart from blogging, you are interested in tennis also a state-level winner How sports molded you to level up in your life especially how it helped your mind grow?

M – There are many life lessons that tennis has taught me.

1. There is always a time for a comeback – It often happens that you are 0-40 down yet somehow you manage to reach deuce and then win that point. Similarly in life, if you don’t give up, you will win eventually. And believe me, victory tastes better if you have to work for it.

2. In tennis you don’t get much time to think about the balls you missed. There is always a ball coming your way and you have to think about that instead. There is no point in wasting too much time crying about the past, you have to think of the future.

3. Everyone does mistakes sometimes, even the pros have an off day now and then. No one is perfect. no one. So don’t hold yourself to unrealistic high standards, because doing that is just a recipe for unhappiness. So you screwed up at work or school. So what? Get up and be ready to hit the next ball. What Face Shape Do You Have?

Describe 2020 in 3 words

M – Finding silver linings

If there is one important piece of advice you want to give to a budding blogger, what it would be?

Experiment. We know it’s difficult for anyone to create a space for oneself in the blogosphere, and most often you will get caught into some sort of safe zone that fetches your views and followers… But to hone your skills and grow as a person, it’s very essential to keep trying new things. And it may open several new doors for you.

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