9 Ongoing K-drama to Watch Now

Be the first to know these kdramas lists. Add your favorite ongoing drama genre to your binge watch list to keep your drama marathon on. These are some great series you should not miss it in 2021.

We are all waiting for new and amazing dramas that are being released in the K-drama universe, so here is a quick list of all the ongoing dramas that you can enjoy.

List Of Ongoing Kdrama

Sell Your Haunted House


A woman named Ji Ah has exorcism abilities that she inherited from her mother, is now an owner of a company named Daebak Realty which specializes in selling haunted houses. Ji Ah looks good and is brilliant as well but her temper is quite high. Ji Ah meets a con man, In Beom who specializes in exorcism related frauds. One day, late at night, when Daebak Realty opens In Beom visits Ji Ah to make a deal, he suggests that they together start to sell houses which are haunted by vengeful and lingering ghosts.


Netflix, Viu

June 3 2021

Liked by 96%

Law School


This story is about Korean’s top law school where the students and faculty gets involved in a complicated case. The story mainly centers on a strict professor Yang Jong Hoon who is a criminal law professor, his sole colleague with who he can talk Kim Eun Sook who is a civil law professor, Han Joon Hwi who is in1st year of law school and is the top of his class and Kang Sol another law student who gained admission at Law school even after being poor just because of her intelligence. Top 4 Kdrama available in Hindi

Legal Drama

Viki, Viu

May 27 2021

Liked by 93%



A suspenseful story that mainly wants to find an answer to one quest, “What if we could identify psychopaths in advance?” 7 Free websites & channels to learn korean

A crazy serial killer is ruthlessly murdering innocent people who have left the entire nation in fear and chaos. A rookie police officer Jung Ba Reum, comes face to face with the killer although he survives but his life changed forever.


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May 19, 2021

Liked by 97%

Oh my ladylord


A sweet romantic story about a rom-com actress who is unable to date anyone even after living a flashy life. Humble in nature carrying deep down secrets with a big smile. A screenwriter who chooses to not date anyone because of deep scars which are hidden from everyone. They both discover their other side living in the same quarters coincidentally.


Kissasian, Viu

May 13 2021

Liked by 94%

Miss Monte cristo


This story is about 3 best friends Se Rin, Ha Ra, and Eun Jo but as they grew up greed, jealousy changed everything between them.  The drama shows the changing behavior of true best friends once upon a time later they become evil to each other leading to a very ugly tragedy. Best Kdramas List

Melodrama, Suspense

Viki, Viu

Jul 2 2021

Liked by 92%

River where the moon rises


Pyeong Gang is a woman and a princess but she has been raised as a soldier with huge dreams and ambition to become the first queen of Goguryeo. She is clever as well as calm who meets a young, peace loving gentle man On Dal and falls in love with him.

Historical & Political


April 20 2021

Liked by 97%



The drama mainly focuses on the power struggle that happens in big companies or government offices. The story revolves around a man, Han Jung Hyun who is an agent at the Agency for National Security Planning and has been hiding for a long time and a human rights lawyer Choi Yeon Soo who became the first head of the Senior Civil Servant Corruption Investigations Unit to fight for justice.

Drama, Thriller

Netflix, Viki

June 12 2021

Liked by 95%

Dark hole


A dark smoke from a hole has turned a place named Mujishi into a monster land, where people are fighting from their survivals. Lee Hwa Sun’s, a police officer, receives a call from her husband’s murderer, who tells her to come to Mujishi. Yoon Tae han is a taxi driver who lives here and was once in police but had to quit because a misunderstanding is now helping others to save their lives.

Sci-fi, Action

Viu, Netflix

June 5 2021

Liked by 96%

Taxi driver

Do Gi is an honest police officer of special forces but one day a serial killer kills his mother which makes him feel wronged and heartbroken. He then joins a company called Rainbow taxi which is far from being an ordinary taxi service; it is a secret organization that helps those victims whom the law hasn’t. Do Gi becomes the best driver who delivers perfect revenge. 8 mindblowing kdramas everyone should watch

Mystery, Suspense


May 29 2021

Liked by 98%

-Rittika Bhattacharya

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