Even if you’re already a K-drama addict, this list will help fuel your and binge-watch series. Just watching any random dramas will not worth your time But what if I give you the top 8 mindblowing kdramas. It has some crazy learning to take on. Buckle up I have some amazing Korean Drama that will blow your mind with the storyline. A short summary of the drama to help you decide to binge-watch your series. Even if you’re already a K-drama addict, this list will help fuel your and binge-able series, check out this list of K-dramas you can watch in one. There are countless K-dramas across so many genres for your bingewatching needs on Netflix, Viki & Viu.

1. The World of the Married


Having a background in medical the female lead is s a parent of a single child seemingly perfect life is overturned when she discovers her husband’s betrayal. Even though he loves his life unconditionally still trips into an affair. She decided to repay against his betrayal, a bitter back-and-forth happens between the two as they both seek to exact revenge on the other filled with many twist & turns. The World of the Married smashed TV ratings after its finale episode rated at 28.37%, breaking its own record of 24.44% which it had set just an episode prior.

Starring: Park Hae Joon, Han So Hee, Kim Hee Ae

Drama, Media, Romance & Family

Netflix, Viki, Dramacool, Viu & Wetv


2. Crash Landing on You


A famous south Korean cosmetic entrepreneur had an improbable paragliding accident falling in the North Korean territory. There she meets the North Korean military officer. He eventually falls in love, making it a top-secret to reveal to avoid the country combat. Crashlanding on you the love story of two rival country heiress chock-full of hurdles to unbreak the bond.

Starring: Son Ye Jin, Seo Ji Hye, Kim Jung Hyun, Hyun Bin

Comedy, Drama, Nation

Netflix, Viki

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3. Reply 1988


Reply 1988 is a story of five childhood friends who live in the same neighborhood. Spending their whole life relying on each other things get a bit difficult when they enter the peak of their turbulent teen years. Sooner picking up the stones when life throws at them in an unmistakable way. Will they able to manage this adult life? watch this drama to get blown away with their life. How I become Kdrama addict

Starring: Hyeri, Park Bo Gum, Ryoon Joon Yeol, Go Kyung Pyo, Lee Dong Hwi

Comedy, Family, Youth Life

Viki, Netflix, Dramacool


4. Itaewon Class


If you are looking for some motivation with mind-blowing kdrama then Itaewon class is a must binge watch for you. The journey of the main lead startup from scratch to making his company the top company in Korea is astonishing. The teamwork and dedication and the roller coaster of his emotions have shown his strong and determined attitude towards his goal. Gaho’s – start over ost is an add-on to your motivation playlist. Click Here For a detailed review

Starring: Park Seo Jun, Kim Da Mi, Kwon Na Ra

Youth, Food , Start up

Netflix, Viu, & Dramacool


5. It’s Okay to Not Be Okay


The story of a community health worker at a psychiatric ward who lives on a very minimal salary his elder brother is mentally ill but a great artist he lives with. The female lead is a popular storybook writer. she is selfish, arrogant, and antisocial. She got cursed for her love and hates her father a lot. Destiny brings them together having a major complex personality.

Psychological, Fantasy, Melodrama, Medical

Netflix, Viu, Viki

My Skill
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6. Strangers From Hell


A webtoon adapted k drama sharing the same title. If you are a person who likes thriller flavor with some drama this is a binge-watch series for you having fewer episodes. The main lead who is in his 20s from a small town decides to move to a metropolitan city to make a livelihood. He could able to afford a cheaper apartment in the mesmerizing yet upscale city of Seoul. Things get weird & suspicious between his residents & him making it harder to survive. How to pull off any outfit?

Starring: Im Shi Wan, Lee Dong Wook, Park Jong Hwan

Horror, Thriller, Drama

Kiss Asian, Netflix, Viki


7. Because it's my first life


The eye-catching title of this series speaks itself the storyline. It is the story of adult life professionals who are in their 30s & have different opinions and goals in life. The characters grinding with the insecurities trying to survive to meet their responsibilities. Circumstances made it happened to meet each other as Owner & tenant. Top 4 K – dramas available in hindi  The female lead is playing the role of a screenwriter. She is under constant pressure trying to appease her family and friends while continuing to pursue her dream of becoming a successful writer.

Starring: Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min

Romance, Comedy, Life

Netflix, Viki, Viu


8. Rookie Historian Goo


It’s based on a true time in history. The main female lead is known for her studious, outspoken & confident personality who enjoys reading foreign literature & astronomy. She has to go through many hurdles to live life on her own terms. She calls off her marriage due to her distaste for romance. She often disagrees with several societal expectations of women in the Joseon era, She is headstrong in her goals & speaks honestly making it unacceptable by thee peers. List of Kdrama to watch

Starring: Cha Eun Woo, Shin Se Kyung, Park Ki Woong, Lee Ji Hoon

Historical, Political, Comedy

Viu, Viki, Netflix, Dramacool


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