How to write an effective blog post?

7 must-have to write a blog post in 2020

Finally, You come up with an amazing topic to type out. After digging a lot you got your post title, got your key pints to highlight brainstorming many ideas for your post still feeling unsure, not confident enough to write a post on your blog? wait, Or are you kinda stuck how to write an effective blog post? Where are you lacking? Simmer down iva blog has brought an exclusive solution to get started with your amazing journey of blogging with these 7 proven tricks to rank on SEO. You ‘ll need to know a few tips and tricks to land on the ground without muddle up.

1. Know your niche

7 must-have to write blog post in 2020

So, the first and foremost thing is to decide which audience you wanna target. A fitness blog drags gym enthusiasts, A style & trend blog drags fashionistas, A cooking blog drags chefs so on. If you have any expertise in any field write about that. It could be anything but you should know what you are serving to make people come back again & again. The content must be unique and detailed.

2. Research

How to write your first blog 2020?

A looser with a plan can defeat a winner without a plan. Research a lot on the topic before you pen down your mind. It would be nice if you go through some of your niche bloggers post to understand your competition wisely. Remember Do not copy but get inspired. Nothing can beat an original. Study some books prepare notes and then write a fascinating post using easy language.

3. Self created images

Instead of putting all the images from google try to create your own images. If you are using any other source images make sure you give image courtesy. It will benefit your blog posts to get featured in the google search engine. Always, add a blog title on your attached image If the image is created by you. If anyone is searching for the same title it can generate traffic on that particular post. The animated images are best to give an attractive layout to your blog post-2020.

4. Organic & Inorganic traffic

7 must-have to write blog post in 2020

The motto of every blogger is to generate more organic traffic (the visitors land on your blog purely based on your content) than inorganic (paid traffic or indirectly) one. The inorganic traffic is in your hand that you decide by promoting your blog on different social media and referrals. To decode this strategy one should use effective keywords.

5. Appropriate keywords

7 must-have to write blog post in 2020

Keywords play a very important role in writing any blog post. It helps to get ranked in the search engine, that’s why to be very careful while choosing a keyword. for eg, The site title talks about – Famous places in India. So, the keyword here is famous. Because using the same word again can irritate the readers. Use it appropriately. Try to repeat the title keywords most in the blog post but very smartly.

6. Referral link

7 must have to write your first blog post in 2020

Internal and external links are must-have in each blog post to keep readers engaged. However, find the category articles then you can put the links of one another related post to increase visitor’s views of your post. As you are providing more options to viewers to explore your other blog posts. You can link to your other social media sites to get more engagement.

7. Guest posting

Guest posting is the best way to reach a wider audience. It’s a win-win spot for both parties. Find your niche companion bloggers to get started as you will drive more target audience. There are plenty of sites who accepts guest post. make sure your site is appealing and organized if it’s categorized. Always, explain to your readers that why you have chosen this particular guest the more the transparency the more you gain. So, be picky.

Alright, here you go collar up and start hitting your keyboard using this 7 must-have by iva blog to gain more form every post to make on your blog. Don’t forget to subscribe for more ideas and helpful tips to grow in the blogging world. Explore our other pages to learn and grow.

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