7 free-website-and-youtube-channel-for-learning-Korean-2021

7 Free Websites And Youtube Channels For Learning Korean

Looking for some free websites & youtube channels to kick start your Korean learning journey? There are plenty of channels are there in the sea let me help you pick the best online tutor for you. As a person who has been a K-drama and K-pop addict since forever, the urge to learn the language, their culture, and everything about them starts to grow as well.

Being a student of the Korean language myself, there must be many people out there who are also interested just like me, although I have to lot….lot…..to learn yet I found few things that helped me when I started my journey and I hope to share those with anyone who are at the beginning of this long language learning journey.

Just a disclaimer, the numbers here don’t represent any ranking because all these websites and channels are so good that it’s impossible to rank them. The youtube channels are best if you want to go for free Korean learning. The website charges a premium after a trial.

Learn Korean with Go! Billy Korean


If you have less time to study but you still want to, visit this youtube channel, it has short videos wherein less than 5mins you can learn at least one Korean grammar pattern and don’t think that’s all this channel is about because you get lots of live classes here which are nearly 2  hours where you feel like you have your own tutor to teach you, these lessons are so detailed and helpful &  mostly covers all the hard topic especially. It’s the best channel for beginner and intermediate ones.

They have their own discord group as well where you can discuss or ask anything to other students plus they have members only access as well. The person teaching here is a foreigner whose native language is English so when he teaches he knows what problems an English speaker can face and he explains it in the simplest way possible.



People may find this website to be a bit hard to concentrate on, but once you get a hang of reading such long text this website will surely help you because they provide you with extreme grammatical details that are so helpful in the long run cause believe me hangul or the alphabetical system is easy but Korean grammar is one of the toughest. To get your grammar perfect this free learning site you must try. Top 4 Kdrama available in hindi

Talk to me in Korean

7 Best-website-and-youtube-channel-for-learning-Korean

Probably the best website and the most popular one out of all ones that I’m going to mention, this website has everything you need starting from taking tests to determine your level of knowledge till amazing books that you will need for further practice. They have nine levels which start from beginner to advanced and they have two youtube channels as well where they upload short videos, even songs to help you memorize faster live class, and everything that you need, can’t praise enough about this amazing website. Pretty much everything is free here apart from the books which you need to buy and they have subscription-specific content as well but nevertheless, the free content is enough for any beginner to start with. Mindblowing krama list 2021 

Korean unnie

7 Best-website-and-youtube-channel-for-learning-Korean

Another youtube channel to look for where you can find helpful grammatical advice and the latest  Korean language trends that are used in day-to-day life cause bookish language is quite different from the one used daily.

This is the best free learning channel for a moderate-level students. who can level up their conversation game by using daily slangs and words.


Seemile Korean

7 Best-website-and-youtube-channel-for-learning-Korean-2021

If you love a traditional method of learning then this is the best learning channel for you. You want to feel like you are in a classroom then opt for this youtube channel.

It focuses on a detailed study to get all the grammar and language nuances that you need Get the feeling of a real classroom environment in online learning. Evergreen Best kdrama List 


7 Best-website-and-youtube-channel-for-learning-Korean-2021

Although this website is not completely free, you can find good content here, especially their vocabulary videos. Personally, they helped me a lot. 

Their customized video content helps to learn faster & understand better. Opt for their free youtube lessons if you want to learn without spending any.

Basic Korean

I know this youtube channel will be pretty hard to understand for a beginner even for some intermediates as well, as this channel only uses Korean to teach and not English like the rest of the websites and channels but they do provide you with subtitles. It’s hard to read and learn all at once, I know but trust me your ears need to recognize Korean native accent, words, and pronunciation. As a beginner, you may not need this channel but once you feel like you are ready for this then go for it because the topik exam listening test carries a lot of marks. Fashion do’s & dont’s

– Rittika Bhattacharya

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