7 Emerging Sustainable Brand| Eco-Friendly Indian labels

Sustainable fashion is a modish buzzing word in a fashion inside. A widely spread word like a fire in the clothing industry. Which has opened the eyes of consumers to invest in nature-friendly garments by choosing smart wear which can be worn multiple times giving it a stylized version. Designers of the industry understood the customer’s demands and pivoted to mother nature-friendly clothing and fibers.

A cloth can not be fully sustainable, unfortunately. But these talented designers are pushing the boundaries of the limits. They have a knack for making their pieces sartorially sustainable by opting for eco-friendly fibers, natural dyes, and handloom textiles. If you want to support the art of sustainable designs these upcoming blockbuster brands are worth buying for your occasion.

1. Something Sustainabe

“Something sustainable” label also known as SOS founded in 2019. A Mumbai based brand that is known for its fabric sourcing from 100% GOTS (The global organic textile standard) approved organic cotton. The color palette of the garments is dyed with natural, organic, ecofriendly & nontoxic elements. They strictly follow the mantra of clean clothing = clean waterways. SOS favorite eco-conscious fabric is organic cotton, inspiring the consumers to be kind to nature with the sustainable process by their team.

2. Pahartah (पाहरतः)

Pahartah label making justice to the name itself by representing the colors of the earth by their art of natural dyeing. The team is heading towards a sustainable future by having a vision of natural dyes in their work. The aim of the Pahartah is to reduce the use of carbon footprints by eliminating chemical resources. They replace the wastes materials to create new fabrics and products. a smart move towards sustainable fashion. Working with natural dyeing is like getting closer to a healthy environment.


3. Peoli

Peoli label strongly aims at a locally fuelled model of sustainable development. The specialty of Peoli is they have innovated aesthetic in their clothing by blending materials like Eri silk, organic Kala cotton, Harsil wool & Himalayan hemp. This conscious effort results in reducing the carbon footprint. The duo talents create the fabric using a foot-operated spinning charkha and give life as a contemporary garment.

4. Hnuef (नौएफ)

Hnuef is a Delhi based label. Founded by Mahima Panwar. The motto of the Hnuef and the team is to deliver sustainable products to the best. It’s been a couple of years for the label to step up in the eco-friendly fashions. they are impressed with their creativity adopting no harm to nature. The people of Hnuef are all about “what we wear is all they care”.

5. Monk & Mei

Monk & mei has a story behind every pieces. Highlighting the process and appreciating the every human who contributes to their sustainable fashion is their art of celebrating the fashion. Supporting the nature with a great team efforts make them stand out. Two people who have never met have now made an impact on each other’s lives.

6. Ito

Itoh founded by Shivani Gandhi in 2019. A Mumbai based brand. A clothing brand that aims at bridging the gap between sustainable practices with traditional weaving and dyeing techniques, to make everyday essentials a wardrobe favorite. The fine jamdhani weave, hand-spun cotton, cotton chanderis, and linens handwoven by skilled artisans of West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh. All the Ito fabrics are dyed at the yarn stage with natural or AZO-free dyes.

7. Mati

‘Mati’ means ‘soil’ in Sanskrit. Soil is known for its fertility and absorbable nature. Founder of Mati Fatima K. Punjaabi captures this essence into her clothes as a reflection of her personal style. The brand is all about comfortable silhouettes adding modernness to all the body shapes. The raw organic feel comes from sustainable and handwoven fabrics, shapes that are inspired by nature, and colors that are earthy and natural.

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