6 Amazing Kdrama to Watch if you Love Fashion

K-fashion is highly popular around the world. And what’s best is watching K-dramas for some inspiration. Fashion lovers, this article is dedicated to all of you. I tried my best to include different types of fashion here from office fashion to young and bold looks. These characters have made an impression on everyone because of their acting as well as their styling. Here we start with our list.

Hotel del luna


I guess the number one had to be Hotel del Luna, IU just won everyone’s heart here with her acting and her fashion. This drama is and will be unforgettable. One of the main reasons for this drama’s fashion to be so highly popular among everyone is because of her sense of style and the way she carries herself.

Here IU’s character is someone who has lived for 1000years and has changed according to that era time and again thus you will be able to see fashion from historical periods till today in the modern world. Add this amazing kdrama to your binge list if you want to take some fashion notes. Top Kdramas dubbed in Hindi

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Crash landing on you


She is a boss lady that too from the fashion industry over that she is heiress. Anything more that I need to say to explain that her fashion and styling is impeccable. If you are also a working woman and looking for some power dressing, corporate outfits to inspire you this is exactly what you need to see.

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It's okay not to be okay


A badass woman and a boss lady, unforgettable and deadly combination. Koo Moon Young is a writer in this series but let me tell you, she is too fashionable for a writer. Throughout the series you can see her wearing luxurious brands like Dior, Chanel and so on. Free sites & Apps to Watch Kdrama In the beginning of the series mostly darker color clothes are more prevalent but later as the series progresses you can see her style changes to more feminine and colorful.

Its okay to be not okay is a must-watch content shedding light on people mental health and the battle of living.

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4. Itaewon class


If you are a fan of punk rock look and you are young as well then Kim Da Mi will definitely inspire you with her metal accessories, black leather jackets, cool sunglasses and her hairstyle. Rock your street style fashion watching Itaewon class

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5. What’s wrong with secretary Kim


Do you think that office looks have to be boring? Then Park Min young will change your mind. In this drama along with the story, her sense of dressing and how she combined colors, her pencil skirts to her formal pants everything is to die for.

I personally love pastel shades and she makes me fall in love with pastel more and more. She kept her accessories very simple and stylish. Gear up for learning some formal wear fashion with this drama. Watch with a great observation to upgrade your styling game. Top 5 short kdrama to watch

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6. Bride of the water god


Who doesn’t like flowy long dresses? Krystal played the character of a goddess from another world who is living in the limelight of the modern world thus her styling is very regal, powerful, flowy, and feminine as well.


Her extraordinary fashion made justice to her character. Watch this drama if you are a fan of fashion. Mindblowing kdramas list one should not miss

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