5 Amazing K-drama To Watch If You Like Entrepreneurship

5 Amazing K-drama To Watch If You Like Entrepreneurship

Business is a direct lift to the boss of your own. It surely amazes everyone. But the grind of sitting on the pedestal comes with lots of responsibilities. To get a quick glance at entrepreneurship this business kdrama is a must-watch content for you.

In this world of k-drama there is something for everyone, if you are somebody who loves business or wants to start your business someday then watching a business-related drama will definitely interest you, inspire you and you will also get to learn a few tips and tricks from there as well. Here is the amazing list of K-dramas that center around entrepreneurs and business.

Start up


If you are a person who wants to start his/her own business someday or a K-drama addict then this drama is definitely for you, you will get entertainment as well as gain new knowledge and inspiration about the world of business and entrepreneurship. It’s about two sisters Seo Dal-mi and Won In-Jae who were separated after their parents divorced. Dal-Mi stays with her father who dies even before seeing his business flourish. Top 4 Kdrama available in hindi

Whereas, In-Jae stays with her mother who later remarries a rich entrepreneur, now after growing up they both aspires to become CEO and they meet again at a competition Sandbox, a start-up incubator in South Korea’s Silicon Valley. This drama shows how launching a business is not as easy as it seems and being a leader is definitely not easy. The journey towards entrepreneurship of these stubborn sisters is great to watch.

Startup, Youth, Friendship

Netflix, Viki

Itaewon Class


This drama centers around a man named Park Sae Ro Yi who wants to launch his own food business so that he can take revenge for his father’s death. His competition is with the biggest food business company in South Korea but he doesn’t stop trying.

Although he has passion and good ideas he lacks when it comes to modern marketing but he meets a girl Jo Yi SEO who helps him with his business and marketing strategies. She brings a lot of necessary changes in the restaurant and from there their struggle to become the best starts. Mind-Boggling Kdramas list

Food, Life, Romance

Viu, Viki


Best -K-drama-on-entrepreneurship

A woman named Cha Soo Hyun is a CEO of a hotel, now her main task is to recognize what her customer wants because recognizing and knowing your customers is the main part of hotel marketing as well as good customer service. This drama will show you how small details play big roles in the business industry.

Melodrama, Romance

Kissasian, Netflix

I am not a robot

Best -K-drama-on-entrepreneurship

Jo Ji ah is a very creative woman who has lots of ideas about different products that she wants to sell, she wants to have her own business and be her own boss, but after repeated failure of her ideas, her brother is forcing her to take an ordinary job and to start earning to pay off her loans. Ongoing Kdrama List

One day she suddenly meets her ex-boyfriend and a scientist who developed a new robot that looks like her, because of some disturbance in the real robot he offers her to pretend as a fake one for a few houses which turned out to be a lot more days than what she initially signed up for. Her passion for business and her repeatedly trying to find the right idea to help her develop a successful business is worth learning for anyone who wants to start his own business.

Romance, Sci-fi

Viki, Viu, Netflix

Crash landing on you

So Yi Jin is a heiress but she still feels depressed and empty inside. She then starts her own business independently in the fashion and beauty industry. She is very meticulous and passionate about her business, she tests the quality of her products and tries them out herself which made her a successful business woman. Free apps & sites to watch kdrama

While testing a product she was paragliding and mistakenly went into North Korea. Her fierce dedication for her business and down to earth attitude even as a CEO and a chaebol heiress the story will definitely give you some leads on how a business can be run. 

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