Knowing fashion styles helps you discover more about the trend & personal style. It is a mixture of all the aspects like cuts, colours, design, pattern, accessories, styling, prints it differs from style to style. Find 20 different styles of fashion here and pick your style with the help of iva guide.



Flamboyant Fashion is bright, vibrant, splashy, and has lots of drama. Experimenting with lots of elements can result in something unusual.

This fashion style includes lots of fringes, frills, pleats in a colossal way to bring out the outstanding look of the attire.

Tom Boy


Tomboy style is inspired by men’s fashion. These days many girls are adapting this fashion style because of its extreme comfort and that boy swag. Girly fashion is becoming genderless whether it’s trousers, t-shirt or boyfriends jeans to name a few.



There’s no doubt that everyone has seen a classic rock band. The heavy make up and the crazy hair styles make it easy to identify these bands. But this isn’t all there is to it. Many of these rock stars wear something else: leather motorcycle jackets . These pieces work like a uniform for these people. You can easily spot them in their unusual outfits around town. What’s more, they tend to wear clothes that are both comfortable and well-fitting, but still rebellious and cool looking.

Rockers love ripped denim and baggy clothing, but they tend to go for smaller sizes like jeans instead of baggy pants or oversized shirts so they will look edgier and less comical. A rock star’s style isn’t complete without tees, studs and accessories!



In the punk scene, it’s all about creativity and being different from everyone else. Punk has bright colours, leather, spandex to help express the artistic side and a love for the alternative life in a general sense.

Pop Punk is a subsection of punk in terms of both style and sound with a focus on fun in a similar way that pop music does for this genre.



What we refer to as the preppy look today originated in North-eastern America, and it is typically recognized by a unique aesthetic comprised of stripes and colourful patterns. This specific fashion style became mainstream once many prominent designers began flaunting and incorporating these elements into their designs and lineups.

Not only is the clothing fun to play with when it comes to mixing and matching them if you’re looking for an outfit that makes a statement about your personality, but the range of other accessories associated with this specific fashion style also embodies that very idea.





Arty people are creators of their own clothes & accessories. They don’t fit in with the group. Their style is absolutely individual with their own fashion artistic mind. How to dress according to your Zodiac signs?

It’s fun to be your own trendsetter and not follow the flock. as the name says Arty is a creative and unique style.



Exotic style is sometimes difficult to understand, though its basic principles are fairly obvious. The clothing style is often elaborate with rich colours, embroidery, patterns in mysterious designs, prints, and mosaics

Ethnic Wear


Ethnic wear is a traditional wear of different cultures. Who shares the same taste in clothing. It ranges from a single piece to a whole ensemble. A community clothing is an ethnic girl tribe.

Sports Wear


Sportswear is made to perform sports activities with ease & comfort. Mostly stretchable spandex like materials is used to give athlete flexibility to perform certain physical work.

These days people are taking sportswear seriously to show their individual style. Pandemic has started a new trend of sports wear. One can walk around though out the day wearing trackpants.

Classic Wear

Classic fashion styles are favourite for many millennials. having some classic pieces like a white shirt, a pair of jeans nicely tailored straight cuts is all about this timeless fashion style.

your wardrobe is incomplete without classic pieces. Consider having few in your closet. Find here –  How to pull off any outfit?

Office Wear


A nicely tailored straight cut mostly comes under formal wear. A well-customised comfort silhouette is what is required in office wear. Clubbing with some casuals gives a semi-formal look. Kdramas to watch if you love fashion

Ready to Wear / Casual


Ready to wear fashion is highly followed by many big brands and labels to create a huge compilation with minimal experiments. Millennials are crazy for casual clothing.

This fashion style entertains the modern audience the most. Comfort with style is the key concept of causal. This also embarks street style fashion.



A grunge look is one that’s heavily influenced by the music scene of the same name. The grunge era was most popular in the early to mid-90s, peaking in 1994 with an event known as the “Grunge Rock Explosion.”

The grunge era is generally associated with cheap clothes or accessories put together to create a look. Which gives the attitude of I don’t care if I like it



Goth fashion is inspired by the Goth subculture. This style is characterized by the dark and gloomy style of dress. Common Goth style includes black lips, or any dark colour, keeping the black hair with black outfit mostly. 20 fascinating Fashion Jobs you can pursue as career



Styles of clothing worn by people in the 1960s and 1970s were called boho fashions. In this style, much of the outfit was made from unique fabrics that felt loose and flowy. Bohemian clothing styles draw their influence from ancient Indian, Egyptian, and Turkish cultures because ancient fashions were viewed as liberating and exotic. One doesn’t need to restrict themselves to one particular trend either because their piece of clothing should be able to transition with them throughout their day to day life so they will go from work to a party or vice versa without feeling uncomfortable or out of place at any given moment. Layering is also an important feature when it comes down to this kind of fashion trend.

Many will often throw on a scarf, vest, shirt, or jacket over another such as the couple shown above right who happen to be wearing multiple layers while having fun at a music festival.



Vintage fashion is also known as retro style. It is following the trend of the previous decade passionately. 1920s fashion is been adapted to in the 1950s likewise swinging between the decades and experimenting with different fashion is a new kick among Millenials.



Chic is referred to as trendy & fashionable. Fashionista peeps are known to be called chic that sounds sophisticated. Chic has to check a few boxes like smart, comfortable, stylish designs, & smart patterns. They don’t try to fit into the clothes they make their clothes perfectly.

Haute Couture


Haute couture term discovered back in 17th century. Rose Bertin is a fashion designer who should be credited for this amazing world of high end fashion. It changed the perspective of the audince to look at the fashion.

A custom fitted garment with designers creative thoughts create an impeccable garment. The inspiration & garment construction play huge role to bring the ideas to the runway.

Cruise Wear


Cruise wear is popularly known as resort wear. It is made particularly for a holiday/vacation purpose. It is a remix of ready to wear keeping it more bold, smart wear. It has lots of vibrant colours & prints to gel up with all the season.



A softer group keeping it a girly closet. Following stereotypes of women’s clothing from cuts to colours. for instance, pink refers to the girly colour. Likewise, some fashion styles like clinched at the waist, pearl necklace, bows, ruffles, skirts are the categories of feminine style.

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