20 Popular Kdramas to Watch Without Subtitles for free

Being a K-drama fanatic I try to persuade everyone to watch at least one K-drama but usually, the reply is that it’s hard for them to read subtitles.

Want to watch Korean dramas but don’t understand Korean? Here are some of the best dramas that can be watched without subtitles. They incorporate storylines that don’t require subtitles and will help you save multitasking.

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    So here is a list of 30 dramas that you can easily find online and watch for free and the best part is. No Subtitle… as they are dubbed in Hindi.

    1. Doctor Stranger


    This is a thriller story about a doctor who was kidnapped by North Korea.

    Which led to Park Hoon ( Male Lead) become an expert in Heart Surgeon in North Korea since his dad was already a doctor.

    The separation made him lost contact with a childhood sweetheart.

    GenresMedical, Romance, Thriller
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    2. Pinocchio


    The female lead has Pinocchio syndrome. Whenever she lies she breaks out into hiccups which make it difficult to hide anything.

    She successfully grabs the broadcast journalist position in renowned media turning her dream into reality.

    Dal Po (Male lead) pretends to be his relative to stay with her grandparents eventually he develops feelings for In Ha which makes him join the same media.

    GenresDrama, Comedy, journalism
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    3. Kill Me Heal Me


    Cha Do Hyeon (Male lead) was suffering from a multiple personality disorder.

    To overcome this disorder he decides to take the help of a psychiatrist to find a solution to this dangerous behavior before it’s too late.

    GenresMelodrama, Mystery, Medical, Romance
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    4. Where Stars Land

    Giving your best if you don’t love your job is a tough task. A poor vision sabotaged his dreams of becoming a pilot.

    The situation made him work in the general planning department at Incheon airport.

    The female lead loves to give her best but her clumsiness won’t let that happen.

    GenresRomance, Melodrama
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    5. Something About 1 Percent

    A novel turned series. Not everyone can possess everything so is the male lead. He is charming, wealthy, intelligent but arrogant.

    To teach him a good lesson his grandfather insists to sign a contract of engagement with a sweet personality lady. who is a complete stranger.

    Things turn weird when these two opposite duos discover their personalities.

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    6. The Emperor: Owner of the Mask

    The jeseon dynasty masked emperor lived his childhood in a mask hiding his face because of the Pyunsoo group. Who wants to kill the prince.

    To find answers to his unheard questions he removed his mask and stepped out where he collides with a crown princess.

    GenresHistorical, Political
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    7. I am not a Robot

    Blessed with everything but choose to stay isolate himself (male lead). He’s allergic to a human being made him stay away from reality.

    The situation made him hire a female robot made by a genius scientist.

    But due to some malfunction, the robot has to replace with a real human that adds a twist to the storyline.

    Genres Romance, Sci-fi
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    8. Bride of the Century

    An elite family of South Korea has been under a curse for a hundred years that the first bride of the eldest son will always die. The bride disappears on the wedding day.

    The girl who replaces the bride made the male lead fall in love with her genuinely which makes things get weird between the mother of the groom. Top 4 kdrama in Hindi

    GenresRom-com, Fantasy
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    9. Rich Man

    It is a remake of the Japanese series Rich Man Poor Woman. The male lead is a genius tech programmer entrepreneur of the next one company.

    Besides his brilliant mind, he cant able recognize faces. This disability creates much trouble for him.

    The female lead on the contrary possesses ultra memory skills & wishes to work in the next one someday. Is he treating you right?

    The next one hr team decides to recruit a photographic memory candidate. Which turns the cherry on the cake for the female lead.

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    10. Doctor John

    If you are obsessed with medical drama then this is a go-to kdrama for you. The male lead is a brilliant doctor who is known for his extraordinary anesthesiologist.

    His skills gave him a nickname of 10 seconds. He got the knack of understanding the patients’ problems and delivering the solution real quick.

    The female lead is not less than any doctors she bagged the topper of in her meds school. These mind-blowing skills she got from her mother. What Bollywood actor face shape do you have?

    GenresDrama, Medical, Romance
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    11. Boys Over Flowers

    The female lead is a bravo girl who challenges every obstacle in her way. circumstances made her join the elite school of Seoul.

    Where she met F4 ultra-rich group. In spite of being impress, she finds them, spoiled rich kids indisciplined.

    But one of the F4 members made her heart fluttered because of his calm composed nature. A girl creates a rift in a best friend relation which shatters the whole group.

    GenresSchool, Youth, Romance
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    12. Two Cops

    The con artist spirit gets into the detective body to solve cases. The detective cooperates with the swindler’s spirit to tackle the problem.

    Eventually, in the process of the case, the detective finds himself head over heels for a reporter. 20 Fascinating fashion jobs to pursue as career

    GenresSupernatural, Romance
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    13. My Contracted Husband

    My contracted husband is a story of a female lead who is ambitious in her life. to avoid stereotypes of being a woman. She chooses to marry a guy on a contract based to get the tag of “married woman”.

    However, they discover each other in this marriage which rang the bell of the couple’s heart.

    GenresRom-Com, Drama
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    14. Hospital Ship

    A strong-headed doctor team decided to work In a rural region while living in the ship, Hence hospital ship.

    Every episode is filled with twists & turns which keeps you hooked till the end.

    GenresMedical, Rom
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    15. The King in Love

    The king in love is a story of the Goryeo dynasty. Won is the crown prince of the Goryeo. His friendship with his bodyguard is spread like a wildfire in the region.

    Things get weird when both fell for the same woman. this challenges them to test their friendship at the same time proving their love.

    GenresHistorical Melodrama, Romance, Friendship
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    16. Goblin

    The male lead is a cursed goblin living together with an amnesia grim reaper.

    the goblin happened found his bride to get rid of his sword which is stuck in his chest for over a decade now.

    Grim reaper fell in love with a charming lady who is known for her beauty and running a cafe.

    GenresFantasy, Melodrama, Romance
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    17. Sweet Revenge

    The storyline of sweet revenge is quite interesting. A teen girl found a strange application where she can get revenge on anyone just by writing a person’s name.

    This leads to many complications and is dangerous for teenagers. 9 Amazing apps & sites to watch Kdrama

    GenresSchool, Friendship, Romance
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    18. Alice

    The brilliant detective out for a murder case. in the process of investigation he discovered a time traveller.

    The episode is filled with suspense which makes you click the next epi until you reach the climax.

    GenresSci fic, Romance
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    19. Descendants of the sun

    GenresAction, Rom-Com
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    If you love action then add this drama to binge-watch now. An amazing love story of a dedicated soldier with a determined doctor. Both worship their duty and serving the nation.

    The ost of this drama is a favorite of every K-fan.

    20. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

    The female lead is blessed or cursed with a superpower. Extremely strong woman.

    The gaming company CEO hires her to protect him from his enemies eventually he falls for her. However, A twisted love triangle forms between this duo and her childhood sweetheart.

    GenresAction, Fantasy, Rom-Com
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