25 Fascinating Fashion Jobs One Can Pursue as Career

Are you someone who adores Fashion? If you love it even a bit, and it tickles your fashion nova side read ahead. This article is for those beautiful souls who allure Fashion and wish to grab opportunities and be a part of this industry. There are fascinating fashion jobs that will support your passion and help you build a kick-ass career in the fashion industry.

Many people aren’t aware of the inside work environment of this business industry. It holds different types of people together who are deeply in love with Fashion. It isn’t easy to get jobs; the Fashion industry expects more. We happen to encounter their work through Models, celebs, and Public figures. To understand that, Here’s the list that you must go through.

1.Costume Designer


The job of costume designers requires research and thoughtfulness. The designer focuses on the aspects of the environment, the person who is supposed to wear that costume.

₹3.5 – 4 lakh per annum

2. Fashion Design Assistant


A design assistant takes care of jobs done by a fashion designer. Assisting and handling a boutique is the main requirement of this job.

₹5,00,000 lakh per annum

3. Editorial Assistant


An editorial assistant runs on schedules. They are tied up to plan, organize, edit, and publish fashion magazines

4. Purchasing Agent


The purchasing agent is the one who picks an outfit for people. This job in Fashion isn’t easy, as the purchasing agent has to be the keen decision-maker. They have to look into the future and decide what should go on board that will benefit brands and can people adapt.

₹2,37,084 lakh per annum

5. Fashion Journalist


Fashion Journalism is a fascinating job opportunity for those who know how  to put out trends in front of people through the catchy story.

₹350,000 lakh per annum

6. Fashion Publicist


A Fashion publicist holds the image of the brand in front of the media. They work as PR who build relations with celebrities, models, public figures, and Influencers to grow the brand. Fashion Label Interview

 ₹521,646 lakh per annum

7. Fit Model


Fit models are crucial for manufacturers. These models are the mannequin created with human measurements. It makes the manufacturer’s job easy to understand if the clothes are fashionable for a human body.

– ₹6000-10,000 per show

8. Personal Stylist


Personal stylist is a challenging yet fascinating Fashion job. The person works along with the clothing brand, art directors, and photographers. Pairing clothes to make the look show stopper is their goal. Personal stylists keep the brand up by styling celebrities and models.

₹4,00,000 lakh per annum

9. Fashion Designer


Fashion Designing is a creative and fascinating fashion job. Coming up with elegant, beautiful, and trendy designs isn’t easy! Curating the fabric into mesmerizing outfits is an art of designers if you have a knack for this art this is the best job to pursue. How to pull off any outfit?

₹4,20,000 lakh per annum

10. Fashion Illustrator


If you are inclined towards the drawing aspect not creating the garment then this career option fits you well. Enjoy your drawing with a decent income.What face shape do you have?

₹3,60,000 lakh per annum

11. Fashion Writer


These are the people who got a good grip on writing. And can philosophize the various departments of the fashion industry does this job perfectly.

₹7,51,474 lakh per annum

12. Social Media Assistant


Social media assistant is the one who connects the bridge between Fashion and social media. The goal is to keep the brand’s reputation great on social platforms that convert and benefit the brand. 12 Hashtags set to go viral on IG & FB

13. Fashion Influencer


People trust people. A big reason Fashion brands collaborate with social media figures and influencers. They represent it on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to boost visibility and sales.  Fashion Influencers work independently; there is no fixed amount.

They earn 5-10 lakhs per month by working with multiple brands.

14. Market Researcher / Forecaster


Market researchers are pillars as they are the ones who study the current market needs.  Understanding what people think about brands, their expectations, and their needs is what market researchers do by conducting surveys.

₹2,30,414 lakh per annum

15. Model


The job of the model looks fancy but is pretty tough. He/she represent clothing brand on various shows. The Fashion week and Ramp walk are two ways the model showcases their talent. How to style a short body?


₹4,60,008 lakh per annum

16. Textile Designer


A job with combined roles would be a phrase for textile designers. These are creative and technical people who work on 2-D designs, colors, fabrics to create the best out of it. Fashion Guide according to Zodiac signs

Textile Designers can work for a particular designer brand or a specific client. Freelance designers earn more than lakhs per month.

 ₹2,37,775 lakh per annum

17. Pattern Maker


Pattern makers create 3-D apparel out of 2-D designs. They perform the cost-effective task for the brand. Precisely using material and not wasting it is a responsibility.

₹2,59,452 lakh per annum

18. Art Director

An art director sounds like a fascinating fashion job. But it is the tough one. Products get judged by their first look in the market; it is the art director’s responsibility to keep it worthy. They work with photographers, stylists, and editors to reach their goals.

₹4,98,089 lakh per annum

19. Production Manager


A production manager from the fashion world is a multitasker who manages the textile designers and pattern makers. They tend to focus more on the production site of a brand.

 ₹3,58,140 lakh per annum

20. Retail Store Manager


A good retail store manager is a person who knows how to assist brands in sales. They promote a variety of brands; the goal is maximum conversions. Top Fashion Celebs Style

21. Fashion Choreographer


A fashion Choreographer is someone who plans the ramp walk and set it according to the designer’s collection, theme & lighting. If you are someone who is good with the knowledge of music, beats then this career option is for you. Rectangle body shape fashion guide with Indian Celebs

22. Window Display Designer


A window display designer is an artist of a store window and the glasses are his/her canvas to play around according to the seasons or set a mood for buyers to attract them to walkin.

23. Luxury Brand Manager


Luxury brand managers closely work with luxury brands like Gucci, Prada, YSL, Channel store outlets serving premium customers. It’s highly in demand because of the changing lifestyle of fashion fanatics. Many global brands are catering to the Indian market Hence, This position is the need of the hour.

₹57,0000 lakh per annum

24. Image Consultant


An image consultant is an angel for the people who wants to bring out their better version in terms of grooming, improving fashion sense, appropriate clothing ideas, & enhancing their appearance overall.

₹295,000 lakh per annum

25. Accessory Designer


The accessory designer designs many accessories like, neckpieces, handbags, shoes, footwear to name a few. One can do specialization in each If they want to become a particularly Footwear Designer. It’s booming in India the craze for accessories among millennials is your hint to pursue this career.

₹595,000 lakh per annum

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