20 facts of me you might surprise

Hey folks!! So, Today I am gonna share some interesting facts about me. Hope you ll enjoy it. I think this is the best way to know a little bit about your girl who always connected with you over a blog or social media. There are lots of facts about me trust me but I wanna keep it short so you guys don’t feel like I am from another planet. just kidding. So your time starts now to contemplate my personality;)

Interesting facts

1. My biggest fear is wasting the one life I have. Learn 10 things to level up in lockdown

2. I hate gossips. In as much as women are portrayed as gossips, I tend to believe that not all women like it, I included. I rather tell you the truth than gossip about it. I can only talk about you when something has annoyed me but the moment the anger is gone am all set. 

3. I don’t forget things easily making it hard to forgive easily.

4. My love for coffee and tea is enormous I can survive by having two. 

5. I find it difficult for having male friends. I have more female friends than male. My male friend’s circle is less than five.

6. Very few privileged to have my good side rest call me attitude chick.

7. I love watching the moon sometimes I even talk. Hello I am sane.

8. I ride a bike. How to style cotton saree amazingly?

9. You’ll always find my nails painted.

10. I love humanity. Anything that dwells around humanity gives me joy. Helping the less fortunate and putting a smile on their faces makes me happy. I can do this every day and feel satisfied.

11. I am very good at giving examples. Sometimes phrases & proverbs only in Kannada. I learned this art from my mom.

12. Born in Karnataka raised in Mumbai. About me

13. My friends are damn lucky to hear my motivation session twice a week.

14. Luckily, I have an elder brother.

15. I love reading books specially love stories but also I like the genre of business and self-help books too. Only 4 tricks to achieve any goal

16. I never liked playing games oh yes I haven’t played pubg yet. 

17. I am a chess lover. How an Indian girl became a K drama fan? From Bollywood to Kdrama

18. I don’t swear. I never used abusive words.

19. I sleep without a pillow. 

20. I am a polyglot. I can speak, read, write five languages.

Alright, then these are the 20 fact’s about me which I wanted to share with you guys. Don’t forget to follow and like. If you found any of my facts related to you do let me know in a comment below. Cheers until the next blog…

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