14 Important Things to Know Before Planning to Visit India

If you set your mind to explore incredible India then these important things will help you to plan your journey with ease. Every country has its own pros & cons, So do India have. Good research of the place you are visiting should not be ignored with the facts. 

India is a huge country with immense diversity. If you are coming from outside India this country might shock you a bit. Even as Indians when we travel from one state to another we see huge differences in culture, behavior and food, I guess it’s really overwhelming from others who are visiting here for the first time. So here are some tips that if you take care off then your journey will be more relaxing.

1. Drinking Water


The beauty of India lies in the outskirts of the cities. If your tourist guard is planning to take you to explore remote places it’s always a good option to carry your own water bottle. Some tourist spots have water fillers or maybe not.

Inspect Bottled Water Before Purchasing- some shopkeepers refill their bottles of water with tap water and then put the lid back on and sell them again. To avoid getting ill, buy a water bottle that has a plastic seal on it. 

2. Right Hand


Visiting India for the first time will leave you shocked by the people’s beliefs & superstition. Eat With Your Hands- mostly Indians don’t really use spoon and fork rather they eat with their hands may that be roti or rice Indian prefers to use their hands. Indian korean relationship

Although, if you ask for cutlery, restaurants do provide them. If you are left-hand dominant then be conscious with your hand. But remember to not use the left hand for eating as this hand in Indian culture is used to clean yourself so eating with your left hand is considered unclean and rude. 

3. Avoid Public Display


Public Displays of Affection are forbidden for couples- as I already said, India is a bit conservation in nature so avoid hugging or kissing your partner in public if you are traveling with your partner.

Friendliness is yet to be nurtured in some places in India. But If you are exploring Metropolitan cities there may be exceptions.

4. Punctuality


Running late- foreigners may not expect this but here everything runs a little late, may that be your Indian friends, government offices or trains and metros so while you are in India try to keep extra time for delays so that you don’t feel stressed because of shortage of time.

In fact, Indians believe being late means you had something more important than you have planned. This late behavior might frustrate some punctual peeps.

5. Delicious Veggies


Don’t be afraid of veggies- Indian people are mostly vegetarian thus their vegetarian food is delicious and healthy so must try vegetarian dishes if you are coming to India.

India is famous for its exquisite aroma of spices all over the world. Use this chance of exploring some amazing Indian cuisine. Some food might be spicy than the usual make sure you mention your taste before ordering something like curry.

6. Toilet Paper

Indian bathroom etiquette is something Indians strictly follow.  They believe only using paper is not sufficient for the bottom cleanliness. It is a tradition is being followed for quite a long which cant be changed even today.

Hand Sanitizer and Toilet Paper It is a good idea to carry a bottle of sanitizer and some toilet paper because you won’t find them in any public toilets. However, some tourist spots have been considered about this situation and have made access to toilet papers with water inside. Most stylish Indian Actor Actress

7. Careful with neccessities

 Be aware of Pickpocketers especially in crowded areas so don’t carry expensive stuff with you and particularly not in your backpack. Carrying a fanny pack to keep money & mobile phones will save you lose anything.

8. Donations


Donation at temples- at a lot of temples people may ask you to donate lots of money which is absolutely unnecessary, try to avoid these scammers. This is important to know before visiting some religious places or temples. 

9. Remove Footwear


Stamp this important thing in your mind. Remove your shoes before entering a temple- wearing shoes in the temple is not allowed so don’t forget to remove your shoe before entering a temple. If you are worried about your shoes then you can easily find small shops and temple attendants who will keep an eye on your shoes just paying few bucks.

10. Dress Conservatively


Be a bit conservation- won’t say that if you wear short dresses you will be punished but, India is a bit conservative in nature particularly few states so it will be good if you could wear jeans and other not so revealing outfits especially while visiting temples especially. How Indian girl become Kfan

It’s best to explore some amazing Indian outfits which are a more contemporary version of extreme western. Indians love to see foreigners in their traditional attire like saree. Give it a try you’ll love it.

11. Humid Climate


Visiting India is like a mixed experience of climate. It varies from region to region state to state. Bring loose clothes- India’s temperature is mostly hot if you bring a lot of fitted cloth you will feel suffocated while traveling try to bring as many loose cotton cloths as you can so that you can be comfortable while traveling.

12. Carry Medicines


Bring necessary medicines with you- India can be a bit dirty which may cause urinary tract infection or other minor diseases and apart from this India is also a country of spicy food so carrying indigestion medicines will do you good especially if you are a foodie and you want to taste every possible dish out here.

13. Bring Cash


It’s a good choice to have some cash with you. Its a fuss-free & real quick. If you are going to the remote spots there you will find local popular products. To buy it you have to go for a cash payment instead of online.  Although, The locals have started to use online payment. 

14. Cultural Shock


India is a place of different shades with multiple traditions & cultures. It will be fun to explore some amazing facts & beliefs while you spend your golden days here. Korean Visited India

The superstitions are carried from generation to generation some have scientific data but people tend to believe what their grandparents & parents have told them. 

15. Skincare products


Carrying some skincare products will help you avoid skin problems. This is an important thing to know if you are visiting India. Hence India has quite a hot climate. Skincare products like sunscreen, moisturizer, & other skin products will help you a lot. 

India is a place where you will see a mix of everything like modern as well as traditional, rich and poor, India has a lot of diversity to offer, at first it may overwhelm you a bit but you will definitely enjoy your time here

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