I am very excited to share this interview with the iva squad. This is my first collaboration with a Korean Blogger. Gilda is a part-time Korean beauty blogger also a Founder of fenetre de Paris vintage boutique. Gilda’s Hobbies are embroidering and trying new things. She lived in Hongdae while she was staying in South Korea. Let me walk you through her visit to India. Are you excited to know about Gilda’s experience with her love for India & Bollywood? How an Indian girl became K fan?

10 questions with Gilda

Korean In India
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1. Why did you choose India to visit?

G – Well, I like traveling so much.  I was surfing on the Internet with my sister for our next visit. We found a beautiful photo of the Taj Mahal Agra. It was really Incredible. We decided to travel to India. We started to research and read about India. Discovered India’s fascinating culture, exotic places, and people caught my eye. We choose the golden triangle of India to visit which are New Delhi, Agra, & Jaipur.


2. Do you find any difference before & after visiting India? Does it meet your expectation?

G – Before traveling to India I do search various media. We also heard a lot about India in the news. Because all of us living in third world counties there is not much truth in the news. But when we traveled to India we witnessed the amazing beauty of this country. It has a good culture. Indian people have amazing hospitality. 

3. How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

G – I think I am kind, cute & energetic.

4. What you find similar in the cultural aspect?

– There was a mix of traditional people and modern people. What I observed was youngsters are more into modern & old people are traditional. Also, Indian people strongly believe in God & ethics. It’s somewhere common things we share with India.Know what is similar between India & South korea.


5. Did you learn any Hindi words?

– The Indian words we knew was “Namaste” for sure. But I learned new Hindi words “Kuch Nai” by watching my favorite Bollywood movie Aashique 2. Clothing color according to skin tone.

10 questions with korean blogger visits India

6. What is your affair with Bollywood? your favorite actors any?

G – I think Hindi movies have a very long story. I remember a movie by Amitabh Bachan Amar, Akbar, or Anthony. Also, 3 Idiots. Bollywood is so famous here. After visiting India I discovered my new favorite actor and he is Aditya Roy Kapoor. I have been watching many Bollywood movies, Me and my sister decided to take a short course of Bollywood dance in the New Delhi dance academy. It was a great experience there. We have lots of memories.

7. Would you date an Indian guy? If yes then what is your type?

G – Well, If there is a guy with a face like Aditya Roy Kapoor and charming like Shah Ruk Khan definitely yes. 

8. Any tips for people who are planning to visit India?

G – I think having a proper internet is very important while traveling to India. We had a problem with Internet speed. People who are not used to spicy foods must have something in a bag with them as savers. I didn’t have any problem because I eat spicy food a lot in Korea. I have seen people from Europe who couldn’t able to eat spicy food. Fashion label Interview

10 questions with iva blog

9. Have you tried any Indian dishes in Korea?

G – My experience with Indian food was very new. Because I wasn’t tasted any real Indian food in Korea. I only knew about the curry. But never tried it. The traditional food was delicious. My favorite dish was daal soup. I had it every day. Top 4 Kdrama available in Hindi dub

10 questions with iva blog

10. Describe your whole journey in brief

G – Namaste everyone, I amazed by taj mahal in Agra, I hugged the elephants in Jaipur, I swing my body in Bollywood songs in New Delhi, & my adventure to be continued…

This interview has been edited for brevity and clarity.
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