10 questions with Kaia

It’s amazing to have a partner in crime turn into a partner in business. Today we have Kaia label by Dimple Prajapati and Deepika Soni. Both are graduated from INIFD. A journey of two best friends to business partners. Let’s explore more about our today’s talented fasvation( A startup stories).

1. Why did you decide to open a partnership label?
Dimple – Well, we both are childhood friends. Deepika had a good eye for fashion and also knew to stitch. So, I suggested she make a career in fashion. Then, we decided to open a label named Kaia.

2. How did you decide your label name?
Dimple – Kaia means body. Fashion root belongs to the body. All about women’s clothing.

3. What strategies do you use to get your work on time?
Dimple – To keep tracking the current fashion trends. Doing market surveys to satisfy the client’s needs. Management of Client’s order is a bit difficult on occasions, But my team is a timesaver.

4. What Kaia is known for especially?
Dimple – Indowestern and fusion wear attires for women. We will be designing men’s collection too in the future.

5. Would you like to share any project that you have done?
Dimple – Yes, I was shortlisted for the lakeme launchpad fashion week. We designed the winter collection named shepherd.

6. What makes you stand out?
Dimple – We don’t unfit the client’s personality. We provide the best to their budget.

7. What experience did you carry before starting kaia?
Dimple – Actually, I didn’t have any experience, to be honest. But Deepika had done few internships in a boutique. We decided to give a shot and let’s take this risk of glamour.

8. How do you think the fashion industry can improve?
Dimple – There is a say fashion has no rules. That’s indeed everybody has a different perspective on fashion. According to me, skin showing is not the only option to look fashionable. Being comfortable in your outfit flaunting your smile is enough to throw sass.

9. What is Fashion for you?
Dimple – No second thought If you like it just wear it. Don’t think about ‘Log Kya Kayenge” (What people will say?)

Don’t think – ‘Log Kya Kayenge”

10. What advice you would like to give to us?
Dimple – Never doubt yourself. Believe in your instinct. Like if your client says to change the neckline or color of the design. You must be confident enough to make it work. Because you know your design better than others.

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