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10 Questions with Ishi label

 Welcome to an inspiring series of Startup labels interview with a lot of motivation. Yes, you ‘ll get to read a brand new fashion interview through my blog sounds amazing right? I am very excited to meet many talented designers for this “Fasvation” tour. So, are you guys excited? let’s begin. Well, This tour is especially for aspiring talents of the industry to understand the journey of the designers. What it takes to mark a position with your aesthetic. Today we have my dear friend ishi srivasatava graduated from pearl Delhi in fashion design and successfully running a boutique as a draping expert. Also, a faculty in pearl Mumbai. Wanna know more about her journey so far with wondrous ishi label story? keep scrolling down until you hit the like button;)

1. Why did you decide to choose fashion designing as a career?

Ishi – I’ve always been an artist as a kid and I like to paint. The most important thing about fashion is people don’t see it as an art form but as a cloth to cover up. For me, clothes always express to us. It is an expression of who you are. That one reason why I want to become a designer because I want to express my ideas through clothes through fashion and I know as an artist that it would be great to do whatever inspires me I transform into my clothes.

2. What according to you is a favorite part of being a fashion designer?

Ishi – Okay, My favorite part is a process and an idea. The idea like how it comes to you sometimes it pops up’s randomly sitting in a local train or going to a place with an artistic structure there I think oh yeah I can put this into my collection or we just take a theme to develop an idea. I love the process of the idea into clothing and worn by the right person somebody who admires it and carries it well this is a most exciting part of a design. A right piece to the right person.

3. The designs you create are no doubt it's tremendous but who and what inspires you to create?

Ishi – Like I mentioned the designing is more about a feeling. I travel a lot. According to me, everything comes from exploring new places. Like going to nearby places such as marine drive, national parks it could be anywhere not like far away with a limited budget you can visit places to get inspired. Recently I’ve been to Banaras I felt an emotion there. It was spontaneous nature the energy of goddess shiva. I applied all those in my shiva collection I transformed my hand painting into Banaras silk. Your emotion becomes your inspiration.

4. You always wanted to have a drapes specialized brand?

I believe inflow that's why drapes

Ishi – Yes, Drapes are something we all love. Even in terms of Indian history saree is a timeless fashion one of my favorite drapes. Drapes are symbolized in a free-flowing term. Like it connected to my emotions I always believe inflow not stiff.

5. Who is Your favorite designer and Why?

Ishi – My favorite designer is Alexander Mcqueen. He is my fashion god. I have watched his all shows. He has done a very artistic thing also a dramatic collection based on emotions. I like his experimental attitude.

6. What is fashion for you?

Ishi – Well for me, fashion is an art and expression. Even a simple plain T-shirt is an expression like expressing a blank state of mind.

10 questions with iva blog
10 questions with iva blog
10 questions with iva blog

7. Can you describe your internship period?

Ishi – I interned with the Gaurav Gupta in Noida, Archana Kocchar in Mumbai, and Conde Nast of Vogue India as a stylist. My internship period was amazing because I got to work with the alike minded designers the thing I am interested in I remember when I said to Gaurav Gupta that my work is very dark and he said oh! dark things work similarly his work is 3-dimensional embroideries that’s the kind of person I am. An Internship is very important because you work with somebody you connect to. I suggest everybody should go to a place, a designer who you admire. When you love their work you want to understand how it functions. The journey helps. Try to work with many designers. It gives you a perspective of different things. Definitely work with one you really like.

8. What skills according to you are necessary for aspiring fashion designers?

Ishi – The first thing I would say is fashion. Second, you need to have something to tell the world. It shouldn’t be just making a good looking garment honestly that isn’t a big deal. Designing is something you have to make an impact in some way. Third would be hard work. That is so important. So, These three things are extremely necessary to become a successful designer. Which Indian actress has your body type?

9. Say something about your family background

Ishi – Yeah, my dad is an artist he is a painter. My mom is a Ph.D. in finance. My brother is in film making. My family and parents are very artistic. They always taught us to visit museums and showed us the importance of art, music, and painting. All credits go to my parents. That’s how the whole family and culture is always been like into books and theater and everything. It really helps because the more you connected to the art the more you get inspiration. Fashion is an art at the end of the day. Earlier I have grown up loving art. 8 textures using watercolor

10. Your story is incredibly inspiring! Can you offer any advice to other individuals working or wanting to work in the fashion industry?

Ishi – I just wanna tell them please create your own styles. Stop believing on google too much. Don’t imitate blindly. It’s okay just being yourself know what to like know why you like find your self find your style. You have to be you that is the most important thing for every designer I think and after that be hardworking be passionate and everything will fall in place.

These 10 answers have opened many doors of doubts of yours. I hope my talented friend helped you in some way to know what you should focus on and her perspective of fashion. Do visit her boutique to pick up the best drapes that suit you. Don’t forget to follow her brand ishi on Instagram for more details. To keep getting updated by the startup stories. Subscribe. Stay tuned for the next fasvation. Until then bye take care.

This interview has been edited for brevity and clarity. All the images belong to the ishi label.
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