10 Kannada proverbs I learned from my mother

Proverbs is known as Gadegalu (ಗಾದೆಗಳು) in Kannada. Proverbs are the traditional (historic) sayings of a country. They are short, clever sentences that usually offer life advice. It is a bitter truth of life that always holds a weightage of truth. One can use it in the right situation to express their feelings deeply. Proverbs can never go wrong it is proven right from the ages. People pass this generation to generation. I always got to learn new proverbs from my mother. She believes that proverbs are the best way to depict any circumstances that’s why I got to learn a few Kannada proverbs which I use often in my daily life. Sometimes I translate to my friends. 

10-kannada-proverbs-i learned-from-my-mother

“All white is not Silver”

They say never judge a book by its cover. Some things you like at first sight later you unpack the true colors of the person. That’s why one should not rush in trusting the people. Take it slowly. 

10-kannada-proverbs-i learned-from-my-mother

“If you lost one stone you gain one fruit”

You always learn something even If you have failed. Nothing goes worthless. Because this time you will start with the experience. Take risks and explore your strength & weaknesses. Level up in lockdown


10-kannada-proverbs-i learned-from-my-mother

“The food in a poor man’s home is tasty, while the rich man’s home is nice to look at” 

The authenticity of the poor person is genuine and tastes from the heart. There may no adulteration to be found. On the contrary Rich tends to use all the resources which are not real They try to make perfect loosing to honesty. Are you beautiful inside?

10-kannada-proverbs-i learned-from-my-mother

“One must drink water after tasting a salt”

One will taste the result of their efforts sooner or later. Don’t give up for no output because hard work always pays off. Pull yourself up and walk until you meet your goal.

10-kannada-proverbs-i learned-from-my-mother

Willpower creates the path

If your willpower is stronger than your success than no hurdles will make you stop. Your desire will lead your path exponentially. How to succeed?

10-kannada-proverbs-i learned-from-my-mother

“If you allow you grow, If you won’t you sabotage”

Only you can unlock the door of your brain. So, know what you let in & let out. Feeding positive will help your brain to grasp good things vice versa. Use it wisely. You are the owner of the thoughts. Fashion label Interview

10-kannada-proverbs-i learned-from-my-mother

“Bragging won’t make a mango fall to the ground”

Only 4 tricks to achieve anything. have you ever come across that one person who always brags about his goals but never accomplished any. Well, avoid announcing your goal to everyone. Research reveals that publicly announcing your goal makes you less likely to achieve them.

10-kannada-proverbs-i learned-from-my-mother

“Treat someone with their standards”

Just a glance at a person can reveal many things about them. People are being treated by their status in society. Maintaining a good personality will open a door to many opportunities.

10-kannada-proverbs-i learned-from-my-mother

“Bad association brings a bad image”

We are the average of the five people we hang out with. Choose your friends wisely who give you precious time. They say “show me your friends, I will show you your future” Hindi dub Kdrama

10-kannada-proverbs-i learned-from-my-mother

“A woman is a mirror reflection of a House”

The women in the family represent the class of the family. So, If you want to know how someone’s family ethics are you can judge it with the lady of the family. That’s why educating a woman plays a very prominent role to take up the growth of the members.